Dragon Within

Lost but marching on like we’ve always known the trail
Searching for our ending to the fairy-tale
Sometimes even shooting stars find wishes that miss their marks
But when the night gets too dark
And the road home seems too far

We’ll see the sun come up again
We will climb higher than we’ve been
We got a fire that burns within
We are the dragon-hearted
We are the dragon-hearted
Courage to stop a cannonball
Together we stand 30 feet tall
We got a fire that burns within
We are the dragon-hearted
We are the dragon-hearted

Dragon Within

Have fun shopping!


Skin-Glam Affair – Mira – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Artic @ Arcade
Hair-Mello. Mystic Unrigged
Earrings-Neomenia: earring Kitty GOLD/PINK @ The Avenue
Tattoo-Rose Breast – Color [CAROL G] – Maitreya *Group Gift*
Top-*Tentacio* tomoto top traditional @ Arcade
Skirt-*Tentacio* kimono skirt traditional @ Arcade
Okobos-*Tentacio* Tomoto okobos traditional @ Arcade
Dragon-#7 Gin Dragon {egosumaii} ( includes pose) @ Arcade


. Infiniti . – Paper Birds – 8- [WEAR]



The sweetest wings

Hi all!

Today i decided to show you my sweeter side with more amazing creations for the Candy Fair 2014!

This event will end on 17th October, so you still have a few more days to shop!

There’s 2 sims to visit:

Sugar Rush Sim 1

Candywood Sim 2

Have fun! 🙂

The sweetest wings 2 First my amazing skin its from .la petite morte. and its an exclusive edition, for the fair!

I really love how this skin makes my face looks so fresh and cute 🙂The sweetest wings 4 My lil “candy-balloon” studio its a treat from Exposeur and has several poses- all gorgeous!!- for you to use and have fun!

I picked up some decor too, including +Half-Deer+ angel chair, that is so adorable with the lil wings! 🙂

Let me show you some close ups:The sweetest wings Collage Candy trays are from .*Paper Flowers* and they look so yummy!!! 🙂

My lovely nail polish its from {Wicked} Peach and its so bold and sexy!!
The sweetest wings 6My gorgeous puffy skirt its from *Tentacio* and its available in several colors!

Its quite a dream skirt with tons of movement and the soft colors!

All credits are below and make sure you visit the Candy Fair 2014!


Skin- .la petite morte. suellen t2 cotton candy CL  for The Candy Fair 2014
Hair- [taketomi]_Kokoa_DBrown01 (S)
Skirt- *Tentacio* Cotton candy skirt blue  for The Candy Fair 2014
Top- [Decoy] Izzie Cardigan
Backpack- [Miseria] Cherub Backpack – Teal for The Candy Fair 2014
Stockings- ~Cannibelle~ Candy Rain Stockings – Blue 2 for The Candy Fair 2014
Manicure- {Wicked} Peach – Allsorts Nail Appliers for The Candy Fair 2014
Wings- *Cila*Cloud Wings B
Pumps- [L.Warwick] Aurora -Divinity Series- Light Blue (Slink) for The Candy Fair 2014
Ice-Cream- .{yumyums}. Quarter Cone w/ Sprinkles {Chocolate}
 For The Candy Fair 2014
Studio- Exposeur – Candy Colors
Cake supplies:
.*Paper Flowers* ~ Macaron Drawer
.*Paper Flowers* ~ Lemon Cake Pops
.*Paper Flowers* ~ Cupcake Crate
.*Paper Flowers*. Tweet Tweet RARE
.*Paper Flowers*. ~ Bake Sale Stall Mahogany
Rainbow Cupcakes ~ LuckyCC
+Half-Deer+ The Angel Chair (Sky)
Trees on second pic:
Candy tree set I – 3 . BananaN
Candy tree set I – 4 . BananaN
Flower vase-Myrrine-Candy tree gacha 2 RARE

Sweets for my sweet

Hi all!

Today is a sweet day for me!

Candy Fair 2014 is finally here and i have ton of amazing stuff to you!

I will be making some very sweet posts during the weekend in order to show you all!! 🙂

So many awesome creators joined this event and there’s 2 sims filled with candies, lollipops and all the sugar you can get!!

Here’s the LMs for both sims:

Sugar Rush Sim 1

Candywood Sim 2

Plus there’s a gacha area for your gacha addition with tons of cuteness!

So if you are diabetic maybe just go but… with some caution? 😛

For today’s post i decided to start soft and sweet… 🙂

sweets for my sweets First let me show you this gorgeous and delicious looking chair from ::Axix::! The Cupcake chair comes with several animations and its its truly a cherry on top chair! 🙂

I love the chocolate dipping design and i must say i have them all in my living room!! :)Can´t decide wish flavor looks more yummy! 🙂

My puffy cloud set its a rare gacha item from { Lucky Charlotte Camille } and its absolutely gorgeous! They are my favorite clouds right now!! So hit that gacha and good luck!! 🙂

And check out this cute bubblegum from :Moon Amore:, try your luck at the gacha and you may win it! 🙂

sweets for my sweets 3 My sexy lingerie its an exclusive for The Candy Fair 2014 from ~Cannibelle~!

Comes with all layers, tattoos and slink physique and the small stripe texture with lace its adorable and totally sexy!!

Its available in several colors and its perfect for a sweet date! 🙂

Now, let me show you some decor details:

My cute biscuit bag its a treat from Violent Seduction! Its so adorable and well textured that i went to get an oreo just after taking the pics! 🙂

To match my sweet mood i picked SYSY’s lovely Candy Heart for some extra sugar! We never know when we need it! 🙂

8f8 has this cute jars at the gacha machine and you will love them all!! My favorite is cotton candy! :)hehe


sweets for my sweets 4
But not all is candy to eat 🙂 I’m wearing  Lassitude & Ennui exclusive for the fair spin sugar pumps!

These adorable pumps fits Slink medium feet and are available in six colors!

Each color comes with white striped and black striped version and for only 280L per color, or 840L for the fatpack!

My cute nails are an exclusive fair item too from Bella Elephante! The tie dye texture looks adorable and all colors are so yummy!!
sweets for my sweets Collage
My bracelets are from SYSY’S and the lil hearts are so cute!!

And dont you just want to have a bite at my chocolate necklace from Kawaii?! 😛

Its a total gacha bargain and so well made!!

For those of you wondering, my cute sweet sign an exclusive from [Fetch] for the fair! I totally love the retro look it has and the lighting its just amazing!!

sweets for my sweets 2Please make sure you check all credits case they are so worth it!!

And a huge ❤ to all the amazing creators that helped me creating this post.

Stay tuned for more sweetness 😛


Skin- –Glam Affair – Skye – Asia 08
Hair- .Olive. the  Sweet Hair  for The Candy Fair 2014
Ring- pr!tty – Candy Ring – [Cherry]  for The Candy Fair 2014
Necklace- ~ Kawaii ~ Chocolate Necklace (White/Pink)  for The Candy Fair 2014
Cotton Candy- *Tentacio*  Sweet day. Cotton pink  for The Candy Fair 2014
Bubblegum- :Moon Amore: Sugum – Bubble Gum  for The Candy Fair 2014
Lingerie- ~Cannibelle~ Candy Stripe Lingerie – Pink  for The Candy Fair 2014
Manicure- Bella Elephante – Cotton Candy Slink  for The Candy Fair 2014
Pumps- l&e Spin spin sugar pumps – pink/white  for The Candy Fair 2014
Poses- Kirin – Day Dreamer Pose Pack  at The Candy Fair 2014
 For The Candy Fair 2014
Cloud Rainbow Decor ~ Left ~Color Change ~ RARE Lucky CC
Cloud Rainbow Decor ~ RIght ~ ~Color Change ~ RARE Lucky CC
Candy Jar Red Oranges ~ Lucky CC
Unicorn Rainbow Candy ~ Lucky CC
SYSY’s Candy Heart – PINK bestfriends
SYSY’s Candy Heart – PINK love
8f8 – Cupcake Light – *Pink* – Hanging
Violent Seduction – Biscuit Bag (Coffee)
[Fetch] Sweet Marquee Sign
8f8 – Mange Destin 04 – Pink cotton candy
Kuro & [Con.] – [Just decor] Chocolates
::Axix:: CupcakeChair Raspberry [Choco]
[LJ] Sugar Friend – Candi Pieces