Destiny Unfold

Cover my thoughts in gold
I’m your flower watch me unfold
My vulnerability, letting you consume me

The parts of me the eyes can’t see
They’re glowing underneath
Picking off the petals
I’ll let you if you’re gentle

Watch me unfold
Watch me unfold
Watch me unfold
Watch me unfold
Watch me unfold
Watch me
He says that I’m glowing
He says that I’m glowing

This kind of love we can’t control
The art of touch, I am covered in gold
I know that you feel me now
No I’m never going down

The parts of me buried underneath
They’re glowing, do you see?
I know that you feel me now
No I’m never going down

Destiny Unfold

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Head-7 Deadly s{k}ins– NOVE omega FACE&BODY pineapple @ Dark Style Fair
Hair-(Poisoned Diamond) Crow queen bum BLACK @Totally Top Shelf
Tiara-(Poisoned Diamond) Crow queen tiara BACK @Totally Top Shelf
Eyes-CURELESS [+] Seventh Eyes / BLACK and WHITE
Tattoo-.::Nanika::.Maria tattoo Black RARE Maitreya @Totally Top Shelf
<K&S> Me, Myself & I – 3 set
<K&S> ~Portrait photography~Poses (close up)

[CIRCA] – “Dreamer Light Art” – Star Curtain Panel – White  ( WLTB )
*pm* Vintage Astronomy Rugs – Corvis @ The Coven
V.R. Midnight Oracle@ The Coven
SPELL : A key to Wonderland [book] @The Chapter 4
hive // the secret shack RARE
Raindale ~ Southwell hanging daybed @ Cosmopolitan
Raindale ~ Southwell chair+cushion @ Cosmopolitan



An apple a day

Welcome to the cliches
welcome to the part
Where we wanna finish
What we can’t start
Come and get me

Just don’t miss the water
Until the well is dry
You got to learn walking
After you can fly
Come and get me

What goes in, will get out
What goes up, comes right down
We go up, we go up, we go up

You know an apple a day
Won’t keep the doctor away
Were never taught what we teach
And won’t practice what we preach
You know an apple a day
Won’t keep my troubles away
Once bitten bye, bye
All the cliches is here to die

An apple a day

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Head-GLAM AFFAIR – Aurelia Applier ( Catwa / Annie ) Polar 11
Hair*[Mello] Monkey Girl – Hair Metallics RARE @Enchantment
Hat-.:Pulse:. Whitch Hunter Hat  – Black @Enchantment
Tattoo-.::Nanika::. Hel tattoo Black Maitreya @Enchantment
Earrings-:Z.S: Cookie Earring @Enchantment

Wings-[Mello] Monkey Girl – Wings – Evil RARE @Enchantment

Bodysuit-[HU] Gretel Bodysuit_black_Maitreya @Enchantment
Tights-REIGN.– Kitty Stockings (Maitreya-High)
Maitreya Body
Catwa Gwen

= Fashiowl Poses = Candy Apple // @Enchantment
BodyLanguage SLC AO Get Lost @Enchantment


The devil wears red

As soon as I’m left alone
The devil wanders into my soul

And I pretend to myself
And I pretend to myself

The Devil wears Red

I go out
To the old milestone
Insanely expecting
You to come there
Knowing that I wait for you there
That I wait for you there

The Devil wears Red details

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Skin- Mangomoon Devil Tarot Skin (NO NAILS) @The Alchemy
Eyes-* Inkheart * – Evil Eyes (Free)
Horns,Tail,Pitchfork and Wings- Mangomoon Devil Tarot @The Alchemy
Tattoo-.::Nanika::.Adah Tattoo Henna Maitreya @ Fair Play
Piercing-> Asset < Body Piercing – Septum – Tahari  ( WLTB )
Body- Vengeful Threads  – Omega -Razed Noir Thong Suit
Manicure-{ZOZ} Urban Queen Silver Tip Polish (Maitreya) HUD @100 Block
Hood-[NC] – The Stranger’s Hood – F @The Fantasy Collective
Corset-Noble Creations [NC] – Iron War Corset (Dark Iron)
Body Maitreya
Pose- – ichuly – Pose Stand – Goddess of War Poses @ Fair Play