Hello all!

No, i did not hibernate 🙂 Rl movings took me much more time that i expected and blogging was delayed!

But i’m back and kicking with tons of newness for you!!!

December its the month of cold, snow and Christmas! 🙂 In that spirit i went a bit further and got my icing mood! 🙂

Totally Top Shelf just opened and there’s some amazing creations for you to grab!

This gorgeous dress its from =Zenith= and will make you feel like a princess! I love the detailed sleeves and corset and the pattern its just amazing!


Icing_002The hair its from [Entwined] and my cold fantasy skin its a treat from *Atomic Faery* ! I really like the tone, its perfect for a Winter tale!
Icing_003 Check out my adorable wings, also from *Atomic Faery* ! The original snowflake design makes this wings a must have for this winter!! Includes a color change HUD too!

{ZOZ} has at the COSMOPOLITAN Discount Room the most sexy heels! They are available in several colors too! Only until December 6th!

The nail polish its {ZOZ} gift for one of the most traditional SL Winter hunts! Peace on Earth 7 Hunt is here and if you get the hint you will get this cute polish nail set!! 🙂 Check out the mainstore for this prize!!

Icing Collage

This gorgeous dress its from *Sweet Kajira* and its a real deal at Totally Top Shelf! I adorned it with my lil fan from Digital Eyes that its available at Jewelry& Accessory Expo!

More will come very soon!!


Skin-*Atomic Faery* Nature Fae – Snow – Female at Totally Top Shelf
Eyes- !TLB – Faerie Eyes/Cream at Totally Top Shelf
Hair- [Entwined] Titania at Totally Top Shelf
Tattoo- Munereia – Iced Redundancy (Crystalized) – 75 at Totally Top Shelf
Necklace- .DirtyStories. Diamond Queen Black-White at Totally Top Shelf
Lips – .ARISE. Icequeen Lips / Light Blue at Totally Top Shelf
Head Jewelry-::Lustrage::_Hoshi_Ice at Totally Top Shelf
Crown- BP – Eira’s Crown – Rare at Totally Top Shelf
Headpiece-[CM] Snow Queen (Wiker crown) at Totally Top Shelf
Horns-!TLB – Seelie Horns/Iced-White at Totally Top Shelf
Wand-*Atomic Faery* Snowflake Jewel Wand at Totally Top Shelf
Wings-*Atomic Faery* Snowflake Jewel Wings at Totally Top Shelf
Dress- =Zenith=High Elf Princess dress (Milk) at Totally Top Shelf
Dress Two-  *Sweet Kajira* Sarai at Totally Top Shelf
Shield- [AF] The Winter Elf Shield White Sheath at Totally Top Shelf
Manicure and Pedicure- {ZOZ} Gift Polish Single for POE 7
Sandals- -{ZOZ}- Jazlyn Heels – Black (slink high) at COSMOPOLITAN Discount Room
Fan- Digital Eyes * Animated fan * Minimal Ocre at Jewelry& Accessory Expo
Slink Hands and Feet
{WB} Winter Whismy Chair at Totally Top Shelf
Frogstar – Rustic Metal Christmas Tree (Blue) at Fit for a Princess
{what next} Happy Winter Igloo
.Birdy. Snow Cub {Medium rez}
~Dear Deer~ Foxy Bag (Black) (No Pose)
Ariskea [ Little Fox ] The Nordic fox Compagnion
Poses: Signature Pose – Queen Of Air & Light at Totally Top Shelf

The First Snow

On this afternoon as the first snow is falling
If only I could call you, I’d be so happy…

The First Snow Hi all!

Today i want to show you some previews! There’s so many events starting in December but if you like this season so much as i do, there’s some events you cant miss!

My gorgeous skirt and corset its part of a lovely dress from ::: Masoom ::: for THE FROZZEN FAIR 2014! I wanted to mix it up a lil so i’m wearing a gorgeous metallic top from Yasum!

This body charm top it will be available for this year’s Jewelry& Accessory Expo!

Starting December 5th it will be an amazing events with tons of participants and shows!

The First Snow 2 From CosplaySL I picked this gorgeous hair and skin and check out my lovely staff!

Its a treat from ::Bite&Claw:: for the next round of Totally Top Shelf!!

Includes a scripted pose staff and HUD to color change the crystals and metals!

I really like the rustic design and wraps!

The First Snow Collage

Ch’s made this cute pumps with lace! They are so classy and gorgeous! And will be available soon at Jewelry& Accessory Expo!


Skin and Hair- -Glam Affair – MikoChii – 9 // Basics at CosplaySL
Lashes- .::WoW Skins::. Lashes 1 *Preview* for THE FROZZEN FAIR 2014
Eyes– LOUX – Vivid eyes { Blue 1 } *Preview* for THE FROZZEN FAIR 2014
Top- Yasum*MESH*Body Charm*Size XS *Preview* for Jewelry& Accessory Expo
Corset and Skirt- [[ Masoom ]]Sorceress Outfit *Preview* for THE FROZZEN FAIR 2014
Belt- GeWunjo : BELA Belly Chain *Preview* for Jewelry& Accessory Expo
GLoves- The Secret Store  – Leather Gloves – Pink – XS
Staff- ::B&C:: Ionna Crystal Staff *Preview* for Totally Top Shelf
Pumps- MY lace pumps *Preview* for Jewelry& Accessory Expo
Slink Hands and Feet

Winter is coming

I see the winter, she’s crawling up the lawn
I feel her breathing beneath my palms

She tears the trees down while curses roll from her tongue
Got eyes like anvils and storms for lungs

By Radical Face

Winter is coming Hi all!

RL home moving is been making me run a bit late in some events and for that i’m sorry!

There’s so many amazing events that are on so let em start to show you some wintery looks!

You may say ” Eloen are you mad?! That isn’t a very warm outfit!” 🙂 Yeah it isn’t but ain’t that so gorgeous?! 😛

May’ s Soul created the most gorgeous fairy like outfit for this round of The Fantasy Collective!

You can use your imagination and create the most stunning looks with the silky wraps and you can use the bra and thong separately too!
Winter is coming 3 My magical staff its from Sweet Lies and you can change the color of the moon and stars!

Don´t you just love my legwarmers?!  {ZOZ} outdone herself with a huge Xmas related release for The Thrift Shop 7.0! Legwarmers that includes skates and cute horns, perfect for this season!

Nails are a preview for THE FROZZEN FAIR 2014 from La Boheme! Its a rich detailed pattern with many wintery colors! This event will start on December 1st and until then i will be showing some exclusive releases!

Winter is coming Collage::Bite&Claw:: created a gorgeous necklace for The Fantasy Collective! Comes with a color HUD and it has some of the most shiny gems textures I’ve seen!

And its all for the day! More newness will come tomorrow!!


Skin–[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Salina ] – [ Red Dream Sunkissed TDRF] for TDR
Hair- [Entwined] Selena – Naturals B at The Fantasy Collective
Necklace- ::B&C:: Ionna Necklace at The Fantasy Collective
Outfit- *May’s Soul* Angelica blue at The Fantasy Collective
Horns- -{ZOZ}- Royal Blue Velvet Snowflake Horns at The Thrift Shop 7.0
Legwarmers and skates- -{ZOZ}- Ink Snowflake Ice Skates Socks and skates at The Thrift Shop 7.0
Staff- Moon & Stars Staff * Sweet Lies Original at The Fantasy Collective
Manicure and Pedicure- [LB MehndiAccentGold] *Slink*- *Preview* for THE FROZZEN FAIR 2014
Slink Hands and Feet and Body

The Bath

Hi all!

Today let me show you some  awesomeness! 🙂

First  from The Secret Affair! 🙂 For this event Lassitude & Ennui made a cute medieval/gor dress with rope as belt!

The texturing is gorgeous with a fur trim and it will be available in several colors! Each one for 280L!

The Bath 2 The sexy necklace its a another release for this event and Lassitude & Ennui  outdone herself with this cute unisex torc necklace! Only 90L for each metal color!

For this round of The Seelie Court, Poet’s Heart made some gorgeous nail polish! I really love the gradient colors and the shinny textures! Go check out this new round, it will be available for 3 weeks!
The Bath Collage And now let me show you my bathroom!

Roawenwood created the most complete bathroom set for the Gorean Gacha!

On each play you may win the tubs(rare) and all bath accessories! The quality of the detail and mesh work is just stunning and you can use it in RP as well as for a more vintage decor too!

The Bath 3To tease you a lil bit let me just invite you to check my dresser and painting!They are from [Fetch] and part of a gacha that is be available at The Secret Affair!

All set is lovely and so well made that you will want them all!

The BathMy cute short hair its from BluPrintz, for The Seelie Court! I like the messy style for a bath!:)



Skin–-Pink Acid TDR Special Skin – Joy
Hair- BP – Angelica at The Seelie Court
Necklace- lassitude & ennui Torc necklace – raven black at The Secret Affair
Dress-lassitude & ennui Fomhar dress – brown S at The Secret Affair
Manicure and Pedicure- PH – Aurora Borealis Nails at The Seelie Court
Slink Hands and Feet and Body
{RW} Galiana Bath Mesh Copper Slipper Tub
{RW} Galiana Bath Perfume Bottles
{RW} Galiana Bath 3 Rolled Towel – Cream
{RW} Galiana Bath Stone Mesh Vase w/Greenery
{RW} Galiana Bath Draped Bath Table – Blue
{RW} Galiana Bath Plush Fur Rug Black
{RW} Galiana Bath Water Bucket
{RW} Galiana Bath Folded Towel Tan
{RW} Galiana Bath Incense & Flowers
[Fetch] Kuu Set – Flare Dresser – (RARE) at The Secret Affair
[Fetch] Kuu Set – Harvest Art (common) at The Secret Affair
BP – Fire Pit at The Seelie Court


The day after

It was a day like no other… All had passed…Time to start a new day!

The day after_001

Genre opened its doors with an Post Apocalyptic mood! There’s some amazing stuff and you can grab them until the 12th December! All for 100L or less!

Let me start by showing you my shelter from mien. with several poses, all so cute!

~*Souzou Eien*~ created some amazing bats with several styles to choose from, just in case you need to hit someone! 🙂 All original and each style includes a clean and bloody version.

The day after_004 My just stunningly huge tank its an amazing creation from Ravenghost for  We ❤ Role-Play!

Comes with a rezzer and you can use to “real” sl battles!Comes with a war mode too!

Steampunk Battle Tanks includes functional score keeping game, multi player options, custom sounds and effects, player HUD! Isn’t that just awesome?!

The day after_005I just robbed this guy’s sneakers from L.Warwick for this round of The Mens Dept!

The Supernova Shoes are available in 6 colors! They are unisex and made for Slink Flat Feet!

Each 299L and fatpack for 999L! and check out the sole! Amazing details and textures! a real work of art!

The day after_003Ok, i think i will be here in my shelter..Just in case! 🙂


Skin–-Glam Affair – Asia  Viva la Noce – Asia 01 B
Hair- .ploom. Nyx – Blondes at The Kawaii Project
Jacket- Goth1c0: Apocalypse Female Jacket at Genre
Pants- Langly black skinny mesh jeans
Bracer- *OAL*/*SP* RPGear – Renzo Bracer F Blk at Genre
Gun Holster- [ Obscure ] – Bang!ThigBag (Black-Silver) gun
Bat- ~*S.E.*~ Vera – Spiked Bat (Bloody) at Genre
Shoes- [L.Warwick] Supernova -Sneakers- Black F at The Mens Dept
Slink Hands and Feet
Prop pose- .mien. [gimme shelter] at Genre
Tank- Steampunk Battle Tank from Ravenghost at We ❤ Role-Play


Finding you

Hello to all!

Frogstar made the most amazing gacha set for Gorean Gacha!

From  the building to map holders i’m in love with all and each item! ❤

Finding you My cute dress its from [FAIDA] for The Countdown Room! Its a very cute dress and perfect for rping!Finding you 4 If you like to hunt don’t miss this gorgeous dress from ::: Masoom ::: for The Dirty Turkey Hunt!

I love the pattern and the color! You have until 30th November to find it in the Mainstore!

Finding you 3For a more confy look at home check out this cute rope from [ Stitched ] at Gorean Gacha!

Its great to fit a casual style or an RP one!
Finding you 2 ~*Souzou Eien*~  made for We ❤ Role-Play this cute Hover Carriage that you can use or just place it as decor!

Check all credits and have fun! 🙂


Skin–-Glam Affair – Aria skin – Asia – Combination 01 B
Lashes- Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes
Hair- Clawtooth: Jump Magic – Snow Dream Blonde
Dress One: [FAIDA] Edel at The Countdown Room
Dress Two- ::: Masoom ::: Dress *FREE* for The Dirty Turkey Hunt
Rope- Elyana Coat White at Gorean Gacha
Top- Wimey: The Captive Bra Green/Silver XS at Gorean Gacha
Skirt- *MUKA* Aura Skirt – Green – XS at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Sandals- fri. – Wayfaring.Sandals (Tan)
Slink Hands and Feet
!! Follow US !! Fireplace irons COPY version
!! Follow US !!  Autumn fireplace COPY version
~*S.E.*~ Hover Carriage at  We ❤ Role-Play
Entity: Wall torch at Gorean Gacha
Tiar slave vase at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Cartographer’s Study Skybox ULTRARARE at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Drawing Desk Chair (Light)RARE at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Protractor Bookends at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Calipers & Map at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Map Cubby (Light at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Drawing Desk (Light)  at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Basket of Maps at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Map Cabinet (Light) at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Calligraphy Set at Gorean Gacha
Frogstar – Leather Map Holder at Gorean Gacha

The Girl and the raven

Hi all!

Tomorrow a new event takes place!

Gorean Gacha will open its doors at noon with tons of amazing items for your role play life!

Check the site for previews and more about this great event here!

the Girl and the ravenI’m normally not a very gor girl, i like to mix and match “mainstream” items as you all now! 🙂

But for this event you can find literally tons of items for a more gor style!So i’m more gor today, just for you! 🙂

My sexy dress its from Arcadia gacha!It has the perfect length if you want to had shorts or skirt and for the more adventurous just wear your skin under, like me! 🙂

I matched with an amazing circlet from *~*HopScotch*~* in green too! It will be available in so many different colors to match all your looks!

the Girl and the raven 2 My nails are from {ZOZ} for The Thrift Shop 7.0! Here shown in gold!

Check out my amazing cuffs! Velvet Whip designed some amazing rares with lil bells on them that really emite sound when you move! So cute and well made!! I just love them!! ❤

the Girl and the raven 3

See you tomorrow at Gorean Gacha!


Skin–-Glam Affair – Aria skin – Asia – Combination 01 B
Lashes- Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes
Hair- .ploom. Mystic – Reds at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Circlet- *~*HopScotch*~* Moon Dance – Gold Emerald *Preview* for Gorean Gacha
Cuffs- [V/W] Gorean Gacha Bells Cuffs – 02 RARE  *Preview* for Gorean Gacha
Dress- .A. Knotwork Camisk (XS) Green  *Preview* for Gorean Gacha
Manicure and Pedicure–{ZOZ}- Gem Snowflake Gold Polish (slink) at The Thrift Shop 7.0
Slink Hands and Feet
oOo Familiar