Inside the monster

“The sea is everything. It covers seven-tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and life-giving. It is an immense desert place where man is never lonely, for he senses the weaving of Creation on every hand. It is the physical embodiment of a supernatural existence… For the sea is itself nothing but love and emotion. It is the Living Infinite, as one of your poets has said. Nature manifests herself in it, with her three kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, and animal. The ocean is the vast reservoir of Nature.”
Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaInside the monster

Hi all!!

 A Tattered Page is running this month with many sea themed item because its all about 20000 Leagues Under The Sea! the quote above is one that i particularly like and in the spirit of a sea “reservoir of Nature” I’ve created my own reservoir where i collected my treasures of this event! So enjoy the tour! 🙂

Inside the monster 2

First let me say that i’m madly in love with  ::: Masoom ::: releases for Fashion for Life 2015!

This event is running until 29th March so you still have time to check ::: Masoom :::  sponsor booth for this lovely release! The Elegant Spring Blue Ice includes gown appliers and the lovely flexi skirt gives an ethereal look to this stunning dress!

My lovely and flawless skin is a Skin Fair 2015 release from AKERUKA and if you haven’t discovered this brand, take a look and grab a DEMO! You will find perfect shades and a huge range of tones!
Inside the monster CollageMenswear Fashion Week 2015 opens tomorrow and although i normally do not wear men’s clothes i still managed to steal his jewelry! 🙂 Check out the sexy necklace from Moondance Boutique that includes a color change HUD for gems and metals!You can always visit the event with your bo or just grab him a gift! I’m sure he will love it! 🙂

Have fun!!


Skin-AK Skin Emmanuelle Base – Tone3 Mk00 at Skin Fair 2015
Eye shadow-elymode: Spring Mix 2015 – green aqua at Skin Fair 2015
Manicure and Pedicure- Weaponized Sugar Glitter Jelly Nails
Horn- Atomic Faery Sea Unicorn Horn at  A Tattered Page
Hair-~Tableau Vivant~ Calliope – Blonds  at We Love Role-Play
Necklace- Moondance Boutique Constantine Mens Necklace *Preview* Menswear Fashion Week 2015
Gown-MASOOM: Elegant Spring Blue Ice at Fashion for Life 2015
Heels- Glamistry –HYACINTH Heels [PF1004]
Slink Hands and Feet
[Black Tulip] Death at sea at  A Tattered Page
 FGinc.~ 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Perfect Mate framed at  A Tattered Page
FGinc.~ 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, Voyages Extraordinaires at  A Tattered Page
FGinc.~ Closed Book with page: 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea at  A Tattered Page
[noctis] Nautilus ceiling lamp/ocean long at  A Tattered Page
AB Captain Nemo Hat  at  A Tattered Page
[noctis] Nautilus Sofa Ocean pillows at  A Tattered Page
{RW} Sea Escapes Aquarium  at  A Tattered Page
//elephante pose// Under The Sea

The Bunnie Trap

If you knew how I long
For you now that you’re gone
You’d grow wings and fly
Home to me
Home tonight
And in the morning sun

The Bunnie Trap 4

Let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits
Let’s do it all day long
Let abbots, Babbitts and Cabots
Say Mother Nature’s wrong
And when we’ve had a couple’a’beers
We’ll put on bunny suits
I long to nibble your ears
And do as bunnies do
The Bunnie Trap 3

Hi all! Here’s a lil bigger post but i have soo much to show you today!

If you love pink you will love next round of Color Me Project that is all about PINK! And if you add to it,this cute Jinx (DD) Easter Bunny Girl costume its going to be a blast of around!Stay tuned as it opens next 25th March!

My second dress is a cutesy boho long dress from … ][Murdock !nc.][ … a preview for  Color Me Project too!

Check out [Fetch] release for this awesome new event called -IDK-! This cute sofa comes in 4 colors and includes a PG version and an adult one too! so perfect for your living room!

And for a good vibe grab at The Fantasy Collective this cute sign from [Fetch]!

Read it every day and be happy! 🙂

::: Masoom ::: is part of the Luck of the Irish Gacha with this adorable monsters! Make sure you hit that gacha, they are all so cute!! 🙂

The Bunnie Trap 2

My tanned sexy skin is a new release from Mangomoon and its called Alicia.

I’m wearing the tea tone and i love its luscious lips and sexy belly!

The Bunnie TrapLast but not least  some close ups! Check out my house details:

The Bunnie Trap CollageHave fun!


Skin-Mangomoon  Alicia Tea 1
Eye shadow-elymode: Lustra Duo – almond red at Skin Fair 2015
Manicure and Pedicure- -{ZOZ}- Gothic Skull – Colors (slink) at Suicide Dollz
Hair-Blues. Minky – Vintage at Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Flip flops- {Livalle} Flup-Flops (Slink Female) Chevron for 21Shoe
Slink Hands and Feet and Body
PIC 1:
Costume-Jinx (DD) Easter Bunny Girl – Pink *Preview* Color Me Project
PIC 2:
Dress-… ][Murdock !nc.][ … – Miela dress – 4 *Preview* Color Me Project
Prop-Dear Deer The Cute Master Cutedex [Pink] for Level Up
PIC 3:
Dress-[S] Casual Night Dress XS *Preview* Color Me Project
Head prop- [[ Masoom ]] Tiny monster Mom and baby RARE at Luck of the Irish
Pic 4:
Bra- *LACUNA* Mae Bra & Panties – Almond  at My Attic
Tattoo- elymode: Sunflower arm tattoo at Skin Fair 2015
//elephante pose//Addy *March 2015 VIP Gift*
!Ohmai: Bloopie Goldfish Bag (Bi-Sunrise) at SOU by
dust bunny . key chandelier at The Arcade
dust bunny . tea time at The Arcade
-{ZOZ}- Bad Bunny – Grey (wear me) RARE at Luck of the Irish
-{ZOZ}- Good Bunny – Pink (wear me) at Luck of the Irish
[Fetch] Rachel Sofa – Cream PG at -IDK-
[Fetch] Be Bright Sign at at The Fantasy Collective
[Fetch] Suitcase Shelf – Six Tall at The Liaison Collaborative
[ kunst ] – Boho carpet #1 RARE at Shiny Shabby
Shiny Shabby_Teddy Deer *GIFT* at Shiny Shabby
[noctis] Nautilus porthole/steel at A Tattered Page
{Livalle} Europa -Slingback Platform Wedges- Lavender (Slink) for 21Shoe
Frogstar – Buttercup Cottage

The kraken

Hi all!

A Tattered Page presents Jules Verne´s 20000 Leagues Under The Sea.Until the end of March there’s some amazing creations to pick all themed and amazing!

So I’ve read 20000 Leagues Under The Sea and one of the things i don’t like is that there are no women in it! Oh, the lil girl doesn’t count! 🙂 I know that Jules Verne’s times were different but never the less we can swim, sail or even be a sea monster! :)So here’s my sea monster version for you, Captain Nemo! 🙂

The kraken ” Oh captain, my captain!  will destroy your ship! I will sink you to the deepest sea along with all your maps and treasures!

You don´t believe i exist but here i am..Hidden in the spoils of a lost battle! As the sea is my friend, my companion and my doom!The kraken Collage Return to the dry land my captain and i will let you survive to tell the story of your sea monster! ”

The kraken 2Have fun!!!


Skin-[PS] ::Solii:: Nude in (J) Onyx at Skin Fair 2015
Eyes-OtherSkin Satura Black Olive Eyes at Skin Fair 2015
Eyes shadow- ZC – Della Eyeshadow – Ocean 01 at Skin Fair 2015
Hair-~Tableau Vivant~ Healy – Blonds I at The Arcade
Lashes- -Glam Affair – Starlett Lashes Emerald
Earrings- Luminary Narwhal Earrings  at A Tattered Page
Pearl Necklace- Anachron – Chaplet of Pearls Necklace – Yellow & Gold  at A Tattered Page
Necklace- :*:CPD:*: Meleagrina Octopoda Necklace  at A Tattered Page
Bra- !dM StarfishPasties **MINT BREEZE**
Tentacles- PFC~Cecaelia Tentacles
Jacket- :[Beautitude]: Kolby Jacket [Turquoise] at Olala event
Slink Hands and Feet
{Rook} The Depths at A Tattered Page
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Nemos Lamp paco pooley
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Nemos Deep Sea Helmet (Decorative)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Sea Chart
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Nemos Sea Box
BP – Prized Pearl – Stand
BP – Ned’s Harpoon
[UN] Ned’s Cachalot


Mars Attacks

“The swift figure meaning everything to them, all identities, all persons, all names. How many different names had been uttered in the last five minutes?”


Mars attack “I’m not anyone, I’m just myself; wherever I am, I am something…”

The Martian,The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury


Mars attack 2 A Tattered Page  is still around until the end of the month with some amazing extraterrestrial creations!!

I wanted to give a almost full tour of the event that includes a shopping guide here 

Mars attack 3 Because in “The Martian” the identity is treated like a property, that is stolen by a Martian, it really makes you wonder what make us unique.

If someone can imitate your moves and looks like you, where ends the imitation and starts being you?

And for the martian that is copying someones face and life, wont it make it just a shallow vessel of himself?

Hmmm. better read the nook to see how it end! 🙂


Mars attack Collage


Skin– Mrs.K +Fallen Gods Inc. [HOLOBOX] at A Tattered Page
Hair-no.match_~ NO_HUNT ~ Pack of BLONDS
Face Tattoo- :*:CPD:*: Faces on Mars Eye Tattoo Layer *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Eyes- Yellow Coin Eyes + Fallen Gods Inc. at A Tattered Page
Dress 1 (orange)-.:SF:. “Ylla” Halter Dress at  A Tattered Page
Dress 2 (orange and green)- Greymoon_Martian Dust Orange skirt and Top at A Tattered Page
Dress 3 (black)- Greymoon_Nostalgia Mesh Dress_Space_XS at A Tattered Page
Dress 4 (raincoat and boots)-! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~Soft Rains boots and raincoat at A Tattered Page
Manicure and Pedicure- -{ZOZ}- DSignature Burning heart HUD Slink group gift
Boots- Bliensen + MaiTai – Kosmonaut Boots -Slink- gold at A Tattered Page
[Black Tulip] “Choose your Emotion” Shelf at A Tattered Page
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Spaceship Junkjard Debris Chair at A Tattered Page
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Spaceship Junkjard Debris Table at A Tattered Page
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bauwerkle at A Tattered Page
AZ mask golden at A Tattered Page
Skybox- A:S:S – Apocalyptica skybox


I had a dream

One night it all started..

I saw myself laying there.. On the horizon, the ruins of my city.. The ruins of my people.

I know they are coming, They will bring us pain and death, my death maybe…

All is blurry when i wake up, but in the back of my mind i feel the countdown..
I had a dream_001 My mind goes every night to that moment, when i look at the unknown in the eyes..

No masks allowed and empty handed…

Will THEY see we are worth living too?

And then i wake up… I had a dream_002 A Tattered Page opens tomorrow, based on Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles! And this round has some newness: there’s a Tattered Page Library, where you can grab all these amazing creations!

Next a close and credits are in the end!

I had a dream Collage



Skin– !Curvalicious Succubus Sloth (Face Scales) Skin
Hair-little bones. Alien
Face Tattoo- :*:CPD:*: Faces on Mars Eye Tattoo Layer *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Eyes- :*:CPD:*: Martian Eyes *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Mask colored- :*:CPD:*: Faces on Mars Mask (Platina Frown) *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Mask silver- {RW} Moody Martian Mask [Jovial] (on pic 2)/Neutral (on pic 1) *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Pauldrons- Peregrine Pauldron – Silver by Luminary *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Dress- AB Rocket Summer Dress Silver *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Manicure and Pedicure- -{ZOZ}- Natural Black Tip Polish (slink) at Suicide Dollz
Bowl- @->~ISD Martian Fire Flower in Bowl ~ Polar White *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Flower- @->~ISD Martian Fire Flower ~ Polar White *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Poses: [Black Tulip] Poses – What was left of her *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page

Tears of despair

Where are you?

I’m waiting for you, on this cold house…

Watching the days passing by….I can´t seem to stay away from the window, waiting a sign of your return!

In Tears 2 Days turned into weeks and into months…Seasons come and go.. And my eyes still stare behind the window glass..

Did you forget me? Did you found another to warm your heart?

In Tears My tears seem to be endless and my heart is dead…

And still no sign of you…

Will I ever see you again,my beloved?

In Tears 3

A Tattered Page its a new event and opened with an amazing book: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!Find the shopping guide from the website and pick some great items from a team of fabulous designers!


Skin–Glam Affair – Skye – India 08 B at Collabor88
Hair-Exile:Rising Dawn
Eyes- !CS! Frankenstein Broken Hope Asylum Utherwurldly
Tears- ~Pale Empress~Justine’s Tears
Chocker- *:CPD:*: Justine Choker (Blue)
Dress-Luminary Justine L – Cream
Slink Hands and Feet
 {Rook} Poses – Frankenstein’s Anguish

Dear Diary

November 7th,1817

Today was a bad day.

I only found relief in the darkness of my cell. 

All mirrors were broken a long time ago.. I don’t recognize the face in those mirrors…

My body rejects my soul.. I feel a painful torment inside of me, trying to slip through the stitches of my wounds…

It never ends. The suffering only gets bigger. The rotten smell only grows more intense. And only get colder and colder…


Dear DiaryYour letter is there..I’ve read it so many times i know all its lines…

” My love… I know you are not her anymore…So i must leave you as i cannot bare to destroy you! Your face… I just can´t! Please forgive me! I will face my demon and die in peace.. I shall meet you in Heaven soon…..”
But there’s no Heaven for me.. Only the shadow of the days passing by..”Dear Diary 1 Collage

I despair but my eyes remain dry and cold… 

What is this THING I’ve became?! 

I look outside the cell and the sun is setting…Another day is coming to an end… And the nightmare starts at night!!!

My hands are failing me.. God, don´t let it take over me! I can´t resist………………IT……( the text ends abruptly)

Dear Diary 2 Collage

A Tattered Page its a new event and opened with an amazing book: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein!Find the shopping guide from the website and pick some great items from a team of fabulous designers!

I will be showing some more in next posts so stay tuned and if you have the time, read the book too!:)


Skin-CADAVER female +FGInc.+ Creature SB at Fallen Gods Inc.
Hair- ~Pale Empress~ Justine . Hair
Stitches- Corvus : Body Stitches
Eyes- @->~ISD Secrets of Nature Dead Eyes ~ Aether
Necklace-HoR Find Forever Gone locket (closed)
Ring One- Bliensen + MaiTai – Wedding-Night – Ring – red/black/bone
Ring Two- *Atomic Faery* Miniature Portrait Ring [Left]
Dress White- ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~Elizabeth
Dress Black- Greymoon_Lost Innocence
Slink Hands and Feet
Cell Prop- [Black Tulip] A Prison for your Mind
Book- Libertine~ Closed Book: Frankenstein, A Modern Prometheus
Mask- @->~ISD Secrets of Nature Masque ~ Aether [Double Leaf]
Old Book Pile 1 at MP
ISON – books and skulls