Cala Bonita


7 Deadly s[K]ins – BODY 2020 LEVITATE bom skin PINEAPPLE *Group Gift* ❤
TRUTH / Curious
Izzie’s – Body & Face Beach Sand
Astralia – Giorgia Bikini (Snow)


Secret Poses– Aruba @ Shinny Shabby


brocante. bigfoot cooler / tan
dust bunny . beach day . closed parasol
Nutmeg. Seaside Calm Beach Chair w/Towel PG
Dreamland Designs  Rustic Beach Shower -Adult ❤
ChiMia:: Jours D’Ete Sunbed [Karma] ❤
CHEZ MOI Super Float (Adult) ❤
CHEZ MOI Cozy Deck Net (Adult) ❤
MINIMAL  – Beach Towel
MINIMAL  – Cala Bonita Scene @ Uber

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