Quarentine IG

Hello lovelies!

Due this pandemic , home has a new meaning and today my home is this gorgeous set from ionic at Equal10.

Hope you enjoy this picture!

Have fun shopping!



Foxwood – Pug Loaf – Light
{moss&mink} Flamingo Geo Print
MADRAS 09 Spring Garden Seeder Tray
Sway’s  [Peony] Garden gloves . green
Sway’s  [Febo] Flowerpot with Monstera . dots
brocante. throw rug / stars
MudHoney Liza Sconce ❤
MudHoney Liza Chair Adult – Fatpack ❤
MudHoney Liza Heels – Nude ❤
Mint– small Clay Pot stacks
Mint– large Clay Pot stacks
Mithral  * Terrarium Coffee Table (Light)
Mithral  * Glass Box Terrarium (Wood Pack)
llorisen // keating blinds.light wood

Ionic – At Home Gacha @ Equal10 ❤


ionic : Time to grow seeds
ionic : Spring will come (frames)
ionic : Time to call the loved ones
ionic : Time to re-build
ionic : Time for Lemon cake!
ionic : Time for something yummy!
ionic : Spring chair (coral, turquoise,orange)
ionic : Time to exercise!
ionic : Palo santo : B)
ionic : Room divider
ionic : Concrete & Wood Table
ionic : I stay home RARE

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