Until the sky fell into pieces
The night our life fell into pieces, too
Try to fly against the wind
Even with a broken wing
As the sky fell into pieces

My Paloma, where is a broken dove to go?
Oh Paloma, if only you had let me know
Was it joy or sadness that you felt on the night you flew?
I found you fighting in the darkness
There was beauty in there, too

Paloma IG

Have fun shopping!



{moss&mink} Nikka Palm planter @ Anthem
3. Ayla. Boho Farmhouse – Stone & Wood Frames @ Arcade
8. Elm. Malika Bedroom Gacha – Screen [Dark] @ Arcade
11. Elm. Malika Bedroom Gacha – Curtain Blown [White] @ Arcade
16. Elm. Malika Bedroom Gacha – Rug [Light] @ Arcade
Dahlia – Dolled Up – Nail Clutter – Silver 7 @ Arcade
Dahlia – Dolled up – Vanity Mirror – Silver 14 @ Arcade
Dahlia – Dolled up – Lipsticks – Silver 16 @ Arcade
Dahlia – Dolled up – Brushes – Peach 19 @ Arcade
Paloma Make Up Pearl CHEZ MOI Tres Chic 
Paloma Jewelry Box Pale CHEZ MOI Tres Chic 
Paloma Vintage Vanity CHEZ MOI Tres Chic 
llorisen // simeon lodge ❤
MINIMAL – Town Hall Backdrop -flower balcony-


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