His room

I got room in my fumes (Yeah)
She fill my mind up with ideas
I’m the highest in the room (It’s lit)
Hope I make it outta here (Let’s go)

His Room IG

Have fun shopping!



Refuge – Carnegie Lighting Black  ❤
[Kres]  Majestic Chair – PG @ Belle Event ❤
BALACLAVA!! Moody Rug [Waves 2LI]
MudHoney Carter Floor Speaker ❤
MudHoney Carter Console – Beech ❤
MudHoney Carter TV ❤
MudHoney Carter Shelf R – Beech ❤
MudHoney Carter Stereo ❤
MudHoney Metal Stick Decor ❤
MudHoney Mirror Box ❤
MudHoney Stone Pyramid ❤
MudHoney Basket Vase ❤
MudHoney Books – Leaning Random ❤
MudHoney Black Bowl ❤
MudHoney Trophy Bowl ❤
MudHoney Carter Label Box – White ❤
MudHoney Carter Art – Wolf ❤
MudHoney Bent Candlesticks ❤
Infinite – Mason’s Bed (Adult) ❤
ChiMia– Open Wardrobe – Daily Life Gacha ❤
FOXCITY. Lucid Dreaming – BW


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