I know I can change that but I don’t want nobody else
So I stay home in the day time
Know it ain’t right
But I’ve been taking Ambiens
Just to spend a lil more time with you baby
I know it’s crazy, no one to save me, had a taste of you and now I want it daily

ambiance IG

Have fun shopping!



Dahlia  – Elwood – Beauty Clutter – Gold
Dahlia  – Lazy Days – Hydrangea – Blush / Gold Vase
Kalopsia  – Alize’s Entry Magazines
Garbaggio // Shoe Boxes
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Nude
[Cinoe] Wooden trunk @Wanderlust Weekend
DISORDERLY. / Rosy Vintage / Books
DISORDERLY./ Rosy Vintage / Frames
ChiMia:: Marais Side Table @ Uber 
ChiMia:: Marais Settee (White Muslin) @ Uber 
ChiMia:: Marais Settee (Blue Floral) @ Uber 
Heart Homes “Homecoming” Wardrobe Set LIGHT (PG) 1.1
ChiMia:: Marais Apartment (Versailles Blue)


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