Hello lovelies!

I’ m a bit late, damn cold caught on me:( But i want to wish you a damn great Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend!

Thanksgiving IG.jpg

Have fun shopping!



JIAN  Silly Shibes II 9. Red Pup Wander
Raindale – Dawnwood – Chocolate Dipped Apples ❤
Raindale – Dawnwood bag of apples ❤
Raindale – Dawnwood chalk sign ❤
Raindale – Dawnwood barrel with tap ❤
Raindale – Dawnwood barrel  ❤
Raindale – Fallview chandelier  ❤
Refuge  – Ho-ho-ho Marquee Sign Severely Aged  ❤
Refuge  – Wire Christmas Tree Red  ❤
Infinite  – Stephanie’s Rug *Taupe  ❤
Infinite  – Stephanie’s Table *Black  ❤
Infinite  – Stephanie’s Lamp *Bronze  ❤
Infinite  – Stephanie’s Bed (Adult) *DarkWood  ❤
Chaleur Bois Set * CHEZ MOI  ❤
The Little Branch  LB_PottedBirch{Mesh} ❤
JIAN  Turkey Collection
West Village Belgravia Skybox

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