Time for changes

You’ve been given up and moving on
Been a runaway for far too long
What’s the use in you crying tough
When you are longing for love

I can offer you company
Tender loving and harmony
I’ll give you everything inside
If you would give me a try

This is time, a time for changes
Anybody’s fool can see
This is a day, a day for you and me

Time for changes
Have fun shopping!



TA Style Shoes Set
Serenity Style-Nicolle Picture Holder Off white @ Unik ❤
TLC Lazy Dog Bed @ Flourish ❤
Simple Refletions SR Dreamcatcher RARE @ Swank  ❤
{CdB} Wild Spring Books @ Swank  ❤
{CdB} Birdie Rattan Table @ Swank  ❤
{CdB} Birdie Cup of Tea @ Swank  ❤
{CdB} Black Eye Susan Vase @ Swank  ❤
Mandala Bedroom Set *  CHEZ MOI @ Cosmopolitan ❤
llorisen // beck skybox.moss&taupe ❤


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