Last dive

I could fall, or I could fly
Here in your aeroplane
And I could live, I could die
Hanging on the words you say
And I’ve been known to give my all
And lie awake, every day
Don’t know how much I can take

So don’t call me baby
Unless you mean it
Don’t tell me you need me
If you don’t believe it
So let me know the truth
Before I dive right into you

Last Dive

Hello lovelies!

New round of UniK and tons of awesomeness to find!

Showing you some of the latest, hope you enjoy!

Have fun shopping!


7 Deadly s[K]ins – DEBORAH omega FACE&BODY apricot  ❤
MASSIF – NIKKI SHAPE ( For Genus Classic) @ Unik ❤
Unnie – Poisoned Lips [GENUS] @ Unik ❤
Opale . Hailey Hair [Blond]
VALUXIA – Shiana Sunglasses @ Unik ❤
< IDEALIA > NOELIS Necklace @ Unik ❤
[FurtaCor Female] Uma Bodysuit @ Unik ❤
Fari TaTToo Henna [CAROL G]Unik ❤

SVP Midan Pack @ Unik ❤


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