Sword of the kings
Take me on your wings
Back where I belong


Hello lovelies!

Last day of this amazing round at Enchantment but you still have time to grab some of the amazing creations there, just run:)

I included the castle picture from outside since its such an amazing building, make sure you check it out:)

Hope you like it!

Have fun shopping!



irrISIStible : MERLINA WITCH OUTFIT + HAIR @ Enchantment ❤
E.V.E Splashing Aurea Star [SUNNY SPELLS VOL.5] FATPACK @ Enchantment ❤


{NANTRA} Lady of the Lake @ Enchantment ❤

MOoH! Crystal light @ Enchantment ❤
MOoH! Potion rack wt owl RARE @ Enchantment ❤
MOoH! Alchemist shelf 1 @ Enchantment ❤
MOoH! Alchemist shelf 3 @ Enchantment ❤
MOoH! Potion bottles blues @ Enchantment ❤
MOoH! Hourglass @ Enchantment ❤
~ xantes ~ Medieval Scribe’s Desk Set & M. Chair  @ Enchantment ❤
OW Medieval stool v2 @ Enchantment ❤
OW Medieval bowl of apples v2 @ Enchantment ❤
OW Medieval candle v3 (copper/big) @ Enchantment ❤
+Dreamcatcher+ Old curtains @ Enchantment ❤
Jinx : White Stag Rest/Startle (B) @ Enchantment ❤
Titans – Lady of the lake Statue @ Enchantment ❤
MAKOKOI . Guinevere’s Retreat @ Enchantment ❤

The Building:

castle closeup.jpg


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