Sunset at the beach

I stopped complaining
Life will pass on by
I won’t stick with this one anymore
Look to your side and see
Who’s walking along with you
You’ve gotta give them a hug
Listen carefully
Matters of the heart
Are like this ladder
To make it to the top
You’ve gotta stay light
Love will reach its hand out to you
You’re not doing so hot
You need to relax
You need a beach
A sunset on the beach
A sunset by the sea


Sunset at the beach

Hello lovelies!

I’m a beach girl and i love those warm sunsets at the beach during Summer.

Thought this year i haven’t had must of those since my vacations are still to start, i made this small scene to remember those days. Hope you enjoy it!

Have fun shopping!



MudHoney  Beach Cushion
MudHoney  Blaire Sandals Prop
MudHoney  Beach Hat
MudHoney  Blaire Beach Towel – PG
Gelato Car  CHEZ MOI
Lemon Chair (Adult) CHEZ MOI Tres Chic 
Banana Lounge (PG) CHEZ MOI Tres Chic 
Orange Chair (PG)  CHEZ MOI Tres Chic 
The Little Branch LB_BottlePalm.V1a{Animated}*Mesh @ Shiny Shabby ❤
The Little Branch LB_BottlePalm.V1b{Animated}*Mesh @ Shiny Shabby ❤
The Little Branch LB_BottlePalm.V3{Animated}*Mesh @ Shiny Shabby ❤
The Little Branch LB_QueenPalm{Animated}*Mesh @ Sense 
ChiMia:: Old White Fence



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