Old souls

Our love is strong love baby
We give it all and so receive
And so with empty arms
We must still believe

Old souls last forever
So we need never fear goodbye
A kiss when I must go
No tears…
In time, we kiss… hello!

Old Souls
Hello lovelies!

A new living room filled with classics, hope you like it!

Have fun shopping!



Apple Fall Apple Sprig w/ Branch
Apple Fall Fig & Blackberry Cake
Apple Fall Macarons in Box
Apple Fall Anashara Dining Table
Apple Fall Books w/ Deer Head Bookends
West Village Charleston Curtains – Cream
KraftWork Bellosguardo Ladder Dark
JIAN Legacy GSD Pupper Basket
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Trophies ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Poker Chair – Red ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Auburn Rug ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Cream Rug ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Pipe ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Painting – King ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Painting – Herd ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Gramophone ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Scottish Whisky ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Side table ❤
[Kres] Hunters Rest – Magazines  ❤
~ xantes ~ Medieval Ottoman Nesta – PG @ Enchantment ❤
1. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Villa RARE @ Sense 
12. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Urn Hang @ Sense 
14. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Grape Plate @ Sense 
15. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Porcelain service @ Sense 
16. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Plates Decor @ Sense 
17. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Pictures @ Sense 
21. Elfico penso – Sunny Lombardia – Wall Wine 1 @ Sense 
Raindale ~ stack of books
ChiMia:: Ephemeral Fireplace (White Rust) 


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