Songs in the Kitchen

All my dreams came true
My songs took me far away
Now I’m singing them every night
In these bright lights up on this stage
If you catch me close my eyes every now and then
To tell you the truth
I’m probably just missing
Songs in the kitchen
Songs in the car
Songs from the heart

Songs in the Kitchen
Hello lovelies! Epiphany is here and Krescendo made an amazing gacha for a country kitchen, hope you like it!

Have fun shopping!



08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Milk Containers
18_8f8 – The Sweetest Spot – Rosemary @ The Epiphany
28_8f8 – The Sweetest Spot – Rosemary Bread @ The Epiphany
{vespertine} – garden herbs / basil
{vespertine}  kitchen crate / herbs
GOOSE – Milk can grey ❤
GOOSE – Milk can White ❤
West Village Field Wellingtons – Yellow
West Village Rice Milk w/ Carrier
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Gift @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Plates @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Linen @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Pans @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Mugs @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Rolling pins – Exclusive @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Baskets @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Bread sticks @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Lemons – RARE @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Cheese and Figs – RARE @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Table @ The Epiphany
[Kres] Country Kitchen – Chair @ The Epiphany
+Half-Deer+ White Blossom Vines [Set of 4]
Scarlet Creative Clessy Manor


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