Just sail away

If you’re driftin’ on an empty ocean
With no wind to fill your sail
The future, your horizon
It’s like searchin’ for the Holy Grail
You feel there’s no tomorrow
As you look into the water below
It’s only your reflection
And you still ain’t got no place to go

Sail away tomorrow
Sailin’ far away
To find it steal or borrow
I’ll be there someday yea-yea-yeah yea-ye-yeah

Just sail away 

Hello lovelies!

Peaches made an incredible bedroom set and i just had to pick my decor at the new round of Swank for my sailor bedroom!

If you in a mood for sailing you will love this post 🙂

Have fun shopping!



brocante. hanging cage light / black
+Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter – Yellow @ Summerfest 
dust bunny . water garden . lightbulb @ Summerfest 
tarte. nantucket fishing net @ Anthem
tarte. farmhouse rug
.peaches.  Coastal Getaway – Bed (ADULT) @ Uber  ❤
Refuge  – Lissanna Chair Pastel Blue ❤
Refuge  – Lissanna Photo Ladder Medium Wood ❤
[Park Place] Crossed Oars Wall Decor @ Swank  ❤
[Park Place] Starfish Wall Decor @ Swank  ❤
[Park Place] Naples Beach Table – Teal swank @ Swank  ❤
[Park Place] Beach Tote with Towels-Teal @ Swank  ❤
[Park Place] Teal Anchor Wall Decor @ Swank  ❤
BUENO-Studio Skybox-Pure


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  1. Evolving Yin says:

    Great Post!


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