A Farmer’s Life

Let me tell you about the farm, all my friends are in the barn
Barn life, farmer’s wife, don’t you make me say it twice
Sunny days, bale and hay, go to church and learn to pray
Cornbread, feather bed, buttermilk, scratch my head
Brown cow, cat’s meow, come on mule pull my plow
Oats and bread, turkey breast, wait a minute, catch my breath

A Farmer's Life

Hello lovelies!

Granola made an amazing set for Arcade that combines with the new group gift in the -Mainstore for a bucolic life in SL.

Its so well made and pretty that you will want to have a farm now:)

Have fun shopping!



Gumi’s Flower Shop mom duck and five chicks
Nutmeg. Laundry Day Clothesline
dust bunny  spring laundry basket
Granola. Stay Bumble Clothesline. JUNE GG. *Group Gift*
Granola. Antique Water Pump White. @ Arcade 
Granola.  Wax and Soap Assortment @ Arcade 
Granola. Rustic Tomatoes. @ Arcade 
Granola. Honey & Berries. @ Arcade 
Granola. Mossy Bee Hive 1. @ Arcade 
Granola. Farm Eggs. @ Arcade 
Granola. Flower Trough. RARE @ Arcade 
Granola. Hen Home. RARE. @ Arcade 
Fence Little Garden  CHEZ MOI ❤
Flower Stone Path  CHEZ MOI ❤
Planter Lettuce Little Garden CHEZ MOI ❤
Greenhouse Little Garden  CHEZ MOI ❤
JIAN Chicken Collection
-Garden- by {anc} “Geranium” (cream)
The Little Branch LB_PeachTreeV1{Animated} ❤
The Little Branch LB_LemonTreeV1{Animated} ❤
The Little Branch LB_Grass.V4{Animated}Mesh ❤


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