Another afternoon

Another sunny afternoon
Mental pictures of you
Exposures you’ll never see
Another sunny afternoon
Come on tell me the truth
Do you still think of me?

Nostalgia’s in the air
Vacant clammy hand stare
Absorb the wet grass smell
But it’s already over

Another Afternoon

Have fun shopping!



Storybrook Teepee (Adult) CHEZ MOI  @ Cosmopolitan  
Kombi Bar (Adult) CHEZ MOI   Tres Chic 
Raindale  – Springdew hammock – adult @ Equal10 
MadPea Beach Floatie  
[PA] Wood Blind – White @ Sense 
evh Maldivas shower @ Sense 
evh bag shower @ Sense 
TB Maison Casual Friday Chair @ Sense 
TB Maison Rattan Ball @ Sense 
TB Maison Casual Friday Tuffet @ Sense 
{YD}Summer pool – Inflatable Green @ Sense 
{YD}Summer pool – Inflatable Pink @ Sense 
{YD}Summer pool – Inflatable Yellow @ Sense 
{YD}Summer pool – Women’s Items @ Sense 
{YD}Summer pool – Armchair @ Sense 
{YD}Summer pool – Lounger @ Sense 
{YD}Summer pool – Water Ballons @ Sense 
{YD}Summer pool – Pool RARE @ Sense 
The Little Branch  LB_TropicalPalm{Animated}  @ The Boardwalk ❤


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