There will be dragons

Gliding through the phantom landscape
The place forlorn of hope
I saw her standing there, pallid in skin
Lifeless and ready to elope
Closing in on her like a shadow sweeping
I bowed and I took her by the hand
Under the starless sky
Awake but sleeping
Grievously seduced by the damned
Enter your final hour

Here be dragons
Here be death
Here be the sombre that have felt the Devil’s breath
Don’t you hear the distant howling of the wolf?

 There will be dragons

Hello Lovelies!

Enchantment news for you! On the 11st the round of Iron Throne will emerge!

A realm full of wonders, dragons and magic will open its gates in SL!

If you are a GOT fan you will love want the amazing designers created! Check the catalog here

Meet you soon at the Iron Throne! 🙂



..::WoW Skins::. Abby Milk Catwa applier  
#Foxy – Antissa Hair (Dark Blondes)
lassitude & ennui  Noblewoman’s dress – black *Preview* @ Enchantment  
Elle Boutique – Mother of Dragons Bento Rings  *Preview* @ Enchantment  ❤
Butanik83 – Master Swordsman’s Halo *Preview* @ Enchantment  ❤


Kokoro Poses – Dragon Holding *Preview* @ Enchantment  


Bergfried Castle Gate I *Preview* @ Enchantment  
Titans – The Ashen Tree *Preview* @ Enchantment  


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