Down by the water, under the willow
Sits a lone ranger, minding the willow
He and his wife, once lived happily
Planted a seed, that grew through the reeds
Summers and winters, through snowy Decembers
Sat by the water close to the embers
Missing out the lives that they once had before

I wouldn’t leave you
I would hold you
When the last day comes
What if you need me
Won’t you hold me
On the last day, our last day


Have fun shopping!



Stealthic – Willow (Blondes) @ Collabor88
.SugarBun. Bunny Bindi @ The Bunny Hop Hunt
[Fetch] Tazzy Hoops
.SugarBun. Meep – Pink @ The Bunny Hop Hunt
Amataria – Set “Sweety” @ 2nd Chance Sale  
Dahlia – Emma – Handbag – Cream – @ Collabor88



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