Wash your sorrows

I know what I gotta do
Make my move on you
Yea he moving kinda slow
Something different
I don’t know
Taking trips to free yo mind
Make your problems lean on mine

Do u wanna
Just take your mind off
You know I am here
For sure
Do you wanna
Run a bath talk
Dirty love
Yea we go
So can you wash
The pest off
We just getting old
Can you wash
The past off

Wash your sorrows

Have fun shopping!



-FABIA-  Mesh Hair Elly Fat Pack  @ Cosmopolitan ❤
The Annex  – Birdie Top – Gray  ❤
The Annex  – Birdie Shorts – Dogs  ❤

[Merak] – Bath bombs *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤
[Merak] – Cottonballs Jars *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤
[Merak] – Hair Products *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤
[Merak] – Bath Salts *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤
[Merak] – Chair (diy bodyscrub) *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤
[Merak] – Tub Tray Femme *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤
[Merak] – Chair (scrubs and lotions) *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤
[Merak] – Chair (diy bodyscrub)  *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤
[Merak] – Marble Tub *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤
[Merak] – Decorative Wall Shelf *Preview* @ Arcade  ❤


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