What I felt it should never be,
yes my fortune, play with me.
I’m still starring into the deep,
hide your thoughts and still keep.

It hurts you and it hurts me,
where’s the justice, come here!
Little pure loving girl
and the time runs backwards.

Is there a time, when I can smile?
I hope there’s a while, when we can cry together,
tears of luck and tears of love
are falling into the deep.
… so stay with me.


Have fun shopping!



7 Deadly s[K]ins  – DIDI omega FACE&BODY pineapple @ Designer Showcase ❤ 
.lovelysweet. Cafe Eyes HUD [catwa]  ( WLTB ) ❤
-FABIA- Mesh Hair Elizabeth Fat Pack@ Shiny Shabby 
*elise* – Group Gift – Cute
-FABIA- Tunic Sasha Fat Pack @ Shiny Shabby 
[ZEX] Chloe Skinny Jeans @ 2nd Chance Sale  
Mosquito’s Way  – Robyn @ Whimsical 



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