Hobbit’s Dinner

C-C-Can you not do that? You’ll blunt them!
Oooh, you hear that lads? He says we’ll blunt the knives…

Blunt the knives, bend the forks
Smash the bottles and burn the corks
Chip the glasses and crack the plates
That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates!

Cut the cloth, tread on the fat
Leave the bones on the bedroom mat
Pour the milk on the pantry floor
Splash the wine on every door!

Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl
Pound them up with a thumping pole
When you’re finished if they are whole
Send them down the hall to roll!

Hobbit's Dinner

Have fun shopping!



[IK] Hobbit Tavern – Aragorn Pipe @ Enchantment 
[IK] Hobbit Tavern – Wall Barrel @ Enchantment 
[IK] Hobbit Tavern – Menu @ Enchantment 
[IK] Hobbit Tavern – Barrel @ Enchantment 
OW Gatcha “Hobbit’s Dinner” Set @ Enchantment 
UU – Wizards Carriage (complete) @ Enchantment 
{LORE} Elven Gazebo (with ivy) @ Enchantment 
HPMD* Shrub02 – green



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