A Pure Feeling

Blinded by the glare
I was moving like I didn’t care
But it was more than I could bear
You know I hoped I’d see you there

Staring out the window
I could see into the soul of every passer by
So many lives
So many pairs of eyes

A pure feeling
I’m invisible and magical
If only for a moment
A pure feeling
I’m scared to control it

A Pure Feeling

Have fun shopping!



8f8  – Winter Memories of Autumn – Greeting porter Autumn
[Kres]  Afternoon Tea ❤
Raindale – Canopy tent – 2018 gift edition *Group Gift* ❤
Raindale – star pillow (for Canopy tent) ❤
Raindale – pillow (for Canopy tent) ❤
[Merak] – Books clutter ❤
[Merak] – Snuggle Armchair (White) PG ❤
[Merak] – Canvas Sneakers Decor ❤
[Merak] – Books clutter ❤
[Merak] – Decorative Coffee Table ❤
[Merak] – Breakfast time ❤
Nutmeg. Rustic Branch Wreath
Nutmeg.  Old Winter Sled White
tarte. lighted pallet wall (white) – shadow
:[P]:– Flurry:// Big Cluster Solid @ The Liaison Collaborative  ❤
:[P]:– Flurry:// Ground Cluster Fade @ The Liaison Collaborative  ❤



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