Christmas Countdown

Countdown to Christmas,
Countdown to Christmas party time.

We’re so happy,
We want you to be happy too.
We’re so happy,
And we want to share the secrets of happiness with you.

Grab a woman beneath the mistletoe,
Kiss her lips and make her glow.
No more fighting, no more fuss,
Ah, it’s Christmas!

Christmas Countdown

Have fun shopping!



Lamb. Wide Awake – Variety Pack
Safira – Lauren @ Whimsical ❤

Cara & Ella’s Gifts R Coming @ Boardwalk  ( WLTB ) ❤


Cherry House-Maple Leaf chandelier-white @ Whimsical ❤
.peaches. Lovers Bliss Blanket – Merry and Bright  ❤
Raindale  – Harringnell frames @ Sense  ❤
Raindale  – Harringnell console table @ Sense ❤
tarte. holiday tree
SHADES  – Tufted Chair Adult  ❤
SHADES  – Stand Lamp  ❤
SHADES  – Side Table  ❤
SHADES  – geometic bowl M  ❤
SHADES  – geometic bowl S  ❤
Fancy Decor: Twig Tree (gold) @ Tannenbaum
Fancy Decor: Wooden Snowflake @ Tannenbaum
Pewpew! Snow Jar – Xmas Tree@ Tannenbaum
Myrrine Gingerbreads set stars – tray with stuff @ Tannenbaum
*elise* – Ballerina – Gift 1 *New Release*  
*elise* – Ballerina – Gift 2 *New Release*  
*elise* – Ballerina – Gift 3 *New Release*  
:CP: Taylor Wood Tree Light
Foxwood ~ Delilah ~ Pom Lights ~ white @ Tannenbaum
Foxwood ~ November Days ~ Tray decor  @ Kustom9
Foxwood ~ Sleepy Tabby – Decor  @ Kustom9
Pink Magic Christmas Cat Decor  @ Swank ❤
Trompe Loeil – Ysela A-Frame Cabin
Action Glimmer Fir Tree


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