This Feeling

I’ll tell you a story before it tells itself
I’ll lay out all my reasons, you’ll say that I need help
We all got expectations, and sometimes they go wrong
But no one listens to me, so I put it in this song

They tell me think with my head, not that thing in my chest
They got their hands at my neck this time
But you’re the one that I want, if that’s really so wrong
Then they don’t know what this feeling is like

This Feeling

Hello lovelies!

Swank opened a few days ago with tons of amazing decor for this Autumn! Make sure you visit and check the fashion section too where best deals await you!

Meanwhile Shades furniture started a new modular sofa, starting with this amazing piece, perfect for any home with amazing poses included! Wanna see it upclose? Visit ROMP 🙂

Have fun shopping!


Apple Fall Gold Leaf Cherries w/ Cup
Apple Fall Treats Platter
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
floorplan. slat fireplace / monotone
Granola.. Maggie’s Rainy Lantern Rusty White. ❤
Granola. Maggie’s Pomegranates. ❤
Granola. Maggie’s Bell Decor. ❤
MadPea Candy Apples
Comfort&Joy Frame CHEZ MOI  ❤
Wooden Table CHEZ MOI  ❤
Iron Pumpkin Candle CHEZ MOI  ❤
[Figure 8] Accent Table @ Swank
[Figure 8] Cinnamon Candle @ Swank
TLG – The Nook – Travel Display @ Swank
SHADES  – Thanksgiving Leaf Wreath Cosmopolitan  ❤
SHADES  – Lawrence Sofa @ Romp  ❤
llorisen  // hedda dutch farmhouse with snow ❤


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