Breeze off the pond

Like breeze off the pond
Or trees on the lawn
Wind is always there, they’re saying it’s just air
Let it blow through you
Don’t let it move you

Grass is greenest when you’re here with me, okay, mmm
If what they got is all good then why would they trade
No we are in the zone and we ain’t gonna let it go, no way
(No we ain’t gonna let it go, gonna let it go)
What we got is solid as oak so you know it’ll never blow away

Breeze off the pond

Have fun shopping!


alaskametro<3 “May” face skin in Tone 3 (LAQ/Omega applier) @ On9
AD – tia – DARK BLONDES @ Enchantment
*Epic* Bayou.Beauty Rose.Tiara! {White}[Nose]RS~Magic @ Enchantment
*Epic* Bayou.Beauty Rose.Pearl Choker! {White}RS~M @ Enchantment
Infinity_Tiana princes RARE @ Enchantment


Fashiowl – Fireflies @ Enchantment


Raindale – Lowvalley garden arch *Free* @ Raise The Roof 3 Hunt
By 3rd Eye Perceptions Hope of Naveen @ Enchantment
By 3rd Eye Perceptions Leaf Ground Cover @ Enchantment
Grunt Lily Pad Rezzer ULTRARARE @ Enchantment
Grunt Lily Pad Tri-Colored @ Enchantment
{YD} Enchanted Frog – Thinker  @ Enchantment
{YD} Enchanted Frog – Kiss -me @ Enchantment
{YD} Enchanted Frog – Hellooo @ Enchantment
Titans – Enchanted Lotus Gacha- Candle Lanterns @ Enchantment
TLG – The Kissing Tree @ Enchantment
MOoH! Rock pond with sheltering leaves @ Enchantment


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