Ice cream Dream

I wish I had an ice cream that looked just like you
Sweet tasting chocolate all the way through
My ice cream
Yeah, my ice cream dream
Just the way I like it

Sweet dreams, from this don’t wake me
You couldn’t even if you tried to shake me
What do ya want ‘cause I’m in a deep sleep

Smooth and rich, it’s so true of us
Dreams of you, me in a…
Ice cream dream
Take a scoop, it’s so tasty
Don’t keep me waiting
Ice cream dream

Ice cream Dream
Have fun shopping!


.peaches. le petit chariot – peenk @ Uber
.peaches. le petit chariot – vintage sign @ Uber
.peaches. le petit chariot – Cup Stack Deco 2 @ Uber
ChiMia:: Old Bistro Chair
ChiMia:: Old Bistro Table
+Half-Deer+ Life is Sweet – Unicorn Sprinkle Jar (Pink) @ Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Life is Sweet – Stacked Ice Cream Cups @ Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Life is Sweet – Cone Display (Pastels) @ Arcade
The Little Branch  LB_TulipTree{Animated}Seasons @FaMESHed
Tree Bench Magnolia (Adult) CHEZ MOI



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