Late this spring night, a red flower
Drops one petal on my breast, two on my hat.
I’m feeling pretty and whistling
All the way to the city where you live.

In the brief hours of the secret night,
Drunk on sweet sake,
Listening to fairy tales, we close our eyes
Like the kitten on the stove.

Farewell at three in the morning,
The gift that I hand to you.
Our parting words are endless,
A clock with a broken pendulum.


Have fun shopping!


Hair--FABIA-  Mesh Hair < Morgan> Fat Pack @ SaNaRae
Necklace-2.Yokai – While the rose blooms – Necklace (red rose)  @ Enchantment
Pasties-!IT! – Sexy Pasties – Maitreya
Dress– Safira – Yushiko (Maitreya) @ Hentai Fair
Tattoo-*Queen oF Ink – My Beauty Tattoo  @ Enchantment
Socks-ChiMia:: Geisha Socks [Maitreya] @ Kurenai
Geta-CURELESS [+] Bakeneko / Kitty Geta / MAHOGANY
Bird-8.Yokai – While the rose blooms – Birdie (red)  @ Enchantment



Stonerella :: Amour @ The Secret Affair



SAYO Sin – Crimson Dreams  @ Kustom9




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