My North

Years I go I said
Goodbye to the south where we met
The warmth that we both had
I can’t find you there

You don’t understand
That we aren’t here
Our direction is yet not there
And follow your stars
To the cold, black north
This is where we belong
For now

No bloody east, no west
Can limit what is best
The love that we once had
I will find it there

And follow your stars
To the cold black north

My North
Have fun shopping!


Hair-:::Sn@tch Rhea Hair (ALL COLORS):::
Tattoo-Geometric Compass – Tattoo [CAROL G] Maitreya @ Fashion Dazzle
Skirt-:::Sn@tch Boom Boom Micro Mini (MAITREYA):::


3.Cherry House-Harvest season-a-Hydrangea & Pumpkin-Beige @ The Gacha Garden
6.Cherry House-Harvest season-a-Tea table-White @ The Gacha Garden
8.Cherry House-Harvest season-a-Chair White @ The Gacha Garden
9.Cherry House-Harvest season-a-Hydrangea-Beige @ The Gacha Garden
11.Cherry House-Harvest season-a-Fence -A @ The Gacha Garden
17.Cherry House-Harvest season-a-The courtyard dining room-RARE @ The Gacha Garden
.peaches. Vintage Phone Seat – Phone (SILVER) @ Rewind
.peaches. Vintage Phone Seat -PG – BRONZE (PINK) @ Rewind
Porch Swing Shabby (Adult) CHEZ MOI
*pm* Olde Tyme Kitchen: Milk Can – Galvanized/Faded @ We<3RP
*pm* Olde Tyme Kitchen: Milk Jug – Galvanized/Faded @ We<3RP
*pm* The Bolognese Tarot – The World @ The Coven
{what next} ‘Emma’ Tulips Bouquet (pink+white)
LISP – Jasmine Silk Rug – Green Beige
ChiMia:: Log Burner Stove



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