After the end

We’re moving on, to where we don’t know
After the end of eternity
We’ll be gone and nothing will show
Maybe a name that is carved in stone

God forgive me, for I know what I have done
It wasn’t meant to be so real

Endless nights, so many have passed
You were the first but not the last
Still I’m here, condemned to survive
I can’t be dead, can’t be alive

After the end

Have fun shopping!


Skin-7 Deadly s{k}ins  –  Tuesday GINGER caramel Day 25 Of Harvest (Group Gift)
Dirt-Izzie’s – Omega – Applier Body Dirt medium
Hair-MINA – Haley – Reds
Makeup-.ARISE. Missa Makeup / 1 @ ThereAfter
Necklace and Earrings-OXIDE Noxx Set – Collar + Earrings@ ThereAfter
Outfit-Wicca’s Wardrobe – Haley @ ThereAfter
Socks-~SongBird~ Holey Fishnets (Omega Applier)
Boots-DRD -zombie apoc-WORN COMBAT BOOTS
Bat-Candy Crunchers – Dirty bat – 02


//elephante poses// One Way Or Another @ Rewind


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