Cool he dies on his own time,
Roarin’ I won’t hear your thunder.
Called each other Chinese names,
If, oh, the book just has a number.
There’s a garden where the devil lurks,
Such a strange life this.

They break their backs for sweat and gold,
And all the things in which they buy.
Things that I thought were heavy loads,
Like a Lotus in an oriental sky.


Have fun shopping!



Head-Glam Affair – Susan Applier – Asia 01 (Past Epiphany gacha)
Hair-Tableau Vivant \\ Cinderella @ Enchantment (closing date 4th March!)
Tiara-Tableau Vivant \\ Cinderella tiara – Gold@ Enchantment (closing date 4th March!)
Circlet-*PROMAGIC* Nartaki -2 @The Liaison Collaborative
Kimono-=Zenith=kimono with GoldFish Bag ( Flower A ) -Maitreya @ We<3RP


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