Red Angel

Gotta find me an angel
To fly away with me
Gotta find me an angel
Who set me free
My heart is without a home
I don’t want to be alone
Gotta find me an angel
In my life

Too long have I loved
So unattached within
So much that I learn
That I need somebody so
Still I’ll just go on
Hoping that I’ll find someone

Gotta find me an angel in my life

Red Angel

Have fun shopping!
❤ To my captor, thank you for all your patience! ❤



Head-Glam Affair – Susan Applier – Asia 01 @The Epiphany
Halo-#28 Blueberry – Angelberry -Common- Halo – Lover @The Epiphany
Hair-AD – lala – light browns @The Epiphany
Tattoo-Ballade of Butterflies – Red  [CAROL G] – Maitreya and Bento Vista
Corset-#18 Blueberry – Angelberry -Common- Corset – Lover *Maitreya* @The Epiphany
Panties-#13 Blueberry – Angelberry -Common- Panties – Lover *Maitreya* @The Epiphany
Bra-#10 Blueberry – Angelberry -Common- Bra – Lover *Maitreya* @The Epiphany
Wings-#7 Blueberry – Angelberry -Common- Wings – Lover @The Epiphany
Shoes-#23 Blueberry – Angelberry -Common- Shoes – Lover *Maitreya* @The Epiphany
.peaches. Tytos’Chaise Lounger (ADULT) @ The Draftsman Event
{RW} Rose Petal Cluster – Large  @Romp
{RW} Just Desserts Display Cage  @Romp
{RW} Just Desserts Tray Accessory  @Romp
Noble Creations [NC] – Wood Candelabrum – 5 Flames



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