Imagine when your lungs are filling up with liquid
Intoxicated poison flowin’ through your veins
It seems like nothing’s changed
My purple neck is stating all that I’m against but..
I guess that’s how we end up
When we’re under.. water

Mayday! mayday! this ships going down
And as your captain I’m ready to drown..
I’m gonna drown so deep in you
I’m gonna drown so deep in you

This necklace that you’ve got wrapped around my neck..

Will choke me slowly to my death..

And I’m into that


Have fun shopping!


Head-7 Deadly s{k}ins – Omega HEAD – [CATWA] MELANIA pink
Eyes-~SongBird~  Fogbound : Pink @Nowhere Survival Horror Game
Gloves-*PROMAGIC* Haya- Gloves-Black @Kinky Monthly
Armbands-*PROMAGIC* Haya-ArmBands-Black @Kinky Monthly
Crown-*NW* Tenta Crown – Purple
Necklace-Spyralle Cthulhu Choker @Genre
Hair- adoness : njord : charcoal @Genre
 Dress-:::Sn@tch Depths Sequin Gown (MAITREYA)::: @Genre
Maitreya Body
Catwa Destiny
{NANTRA} Calypso



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