My Coffin

The blood inside my veins is poisoned by funerals and dreams
The beauty of life crushed
Death is the life and destiny
The night so dark and everlasting
Where death and pain remains

Burn my coffin – release the soul
Burn my coffin – unveil the shadow

Black candles burn tonight
As my soul begins it’s flight
As the veil of Darkness lowers it’s shadow
I travel through the night

Burn my coffin…

My Coffin
Have fun shopping!


Head-Genesis_Head_Lorena_2.0 RARE @The Epiphany
Eyes-HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyes_MURDEROUS @The Epiphany
Lips-HUD_Genesis_Lab_Lipstick_MONSTERRIA @The Epiphany
Horns-Genesis Lab+ Fawny – Horns and pentagram @The Epiphany
Hair- +elua+ Molly_Red @The Epiphany
Choker-OXIDE Narcissa Collar  *Free* @ Hocus Pocus Event
Blood and glasses-~SongBird~Shards Bloody @Bloody Horror Fair
Dress-Wicca’s Wardrobe – Rosemary [White/White] Maitreya @Bloody Horror Fair
Maitreya Body
Astralia – Fashion Victim Coffin RARE @The Epiphany



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