Bread and Coffee

Drown yourself in bread and coffee
Fast forward right through the news
We spend weeks just window shopping
What else can we really do?
We could be anybody

Every time you take the water
We are too afraid to smile
Our faces turn transparent paper glass after a while
We see everybody

Bread and Coffee

Have fun shopping!



Head-Glam Affair – Lilo Applier ( Catwa / Bibi ) Artic 02 @ The Gacha Garden
Hair-Doe: Miffy (TwoTone) – Pastels @The Epiphany
Earrings- !IT! – Pretty Butterfly Earring 1 @Designer Circle ( WLTB )
Collar-S&P Oktoberfest Collar brown @ The Gacha Garden
Dress-S&P Oktoberfest Dirndl RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Stockings-S&P Oktoberfest Stockings rose@ The Gacha Garden
Shoes- S&P Oktoberfest Clogs black@ The Gacha Garden
Manicure- {ZOZ} Trinity Beach Polish (Maitreya) HUD @Cosmopolitan
 Roller- .trinket. & LOC: Rolling Pin
Body Maitreya
Catwa Destiny ( available @Mesh Body Addicts)
{flowey}. january – part two (2013).
{flowey}. september – part two.
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-3.Cupboard-brown-A @ The Gacha Garden
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-4.Cupboard-brown-B @ The Gacha Garden
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-10.Bread basket Shelf-B @ The Gacha Garden
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-5.Writing-A @ The Gacha Garden
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-14.blackboard drawing @ The Gacha Garden
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-9.Bread basket Shelf-A @ The Gacha Garden
Cherry house-{C.H}-pate1-book&cake cafe-15.Cake Cafe House-RARE@ The Gacha Garden
HIDEKI – Bread Shelf B



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  1. OMG you look so precious!!!!♥♥♥♥♥


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