Preparing for War

I hear a distant thunder, they say, Bow down, surrender
Witnessing our demise and sins of our land
Why can’t we see from under? Dark reign on thou defenders
Endlessly torturing the suns without stand

Fight now, let’s break the chains
So strong we must feel no pain
Forever torn apart from the haunting fields of man

Now prepare for war

Preparing for War

Hi all!

First forgive me for the week absence! RL work was crazy and i arrived home too tired to blog, but i will make up for the lost time!

Fantasy Gacha Carnival opened it’s doors and there’s so much awesomeness to grab!

I did a lil mix and match with the new gacha from ::Bite&Claw::, Anya. I picked the black ensemble and added two amazing bracers from Noble Creations. They are mod and resizable so its totally unisex!

From this round of Fair Play, the amazing tigers from Jinx are a must have! Try your luck on the gacha and grab some of these cuties. The rares include several poses too!

My lovely tattoo is a treat from -Endless Pain Tattoos-  for The Alchemy , and all there is 100L or less, how cool is that?

ZOZ with DSignature label  made some amazing sets for Revamped and they are so gorgeous! You may see it detail in the pic.

Have fun shopping!


Head-[7DS] – Omega HEAD applier – Doenya caramel @Kinky Monthly
Hair- *LightStar Hair Mariposa @ Fair Play
Hair Butterflies-*LightStar-Mariposa-Butterflies-MultiColors @ Fair Play
Circlet-[EvelineInTheBox] Ingrid Headpiece Circlet Iron  (MFGC)
Bracer- [NC] – L of W Bracers – Gladiator Black – R @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bracer-[NC] – L of W Bracers – Legendary scales – L @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tattoo- -Endless Pain Tattoos- Romantic Butterfly-@The Alchemy  (MFGC)
Top-::B&C:: Anya Top – Black RARE (unrigged) @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Panties- ::B&C:: Anya Bottom – Black RARE (unrigged) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Manicure–(ZOZ)- DSignature Naturals black tips Maitreya HUD @Revamped
Shoes-=Zenith=Berserker Long Boots(Black) Maitreya @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Swords- =Zenith=Swords of Berserker (onBack) – RARE @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Pet- Jinx : Liger “Lu” – Reclining Wearable – COMMON  @ Fair Play
Body Maitreya
Catwa Gwen
{flowey}. longing from the distance

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