The Bunny Fantasy

Let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits
Let’s do it all day long
Rapidly becoming rabid
Singing little rabbit songs
I can keep it up all night
I can keep it up all day
Let’s pretend we’re bunny rabbits
Until we pass away

The Bunny Fantasy


Hi! So Hentai happened in SL! 🙂

The Hentai Fair 2016 is here and filled with sexy,sexual and playful releases for you!

If you were wondering why most bloggers posted naked posts, huge boobs, dildos, cute animes av’s with big eyes and pretty faces, well, that’s why 😛

But if you are more “light” you don´t need to be shy while you pick some awesomeness! 🙂

First the stunning hair from +Spellbound+ Melona, it’s just WOW! Includes some very sticky hands-hehe- and bunny ears!

I’m in love with { V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Mizu+Suit, that is just so gorgeous and almost a perfect fit for my shape. As its a Maitreya beta size, includes a helpful note with some shape twists to fit better!

If you are looking for good and cute furniture, check [Sallie/BodyLanguage] ! There’s 2 gachas there with just awesome bedroom items, all with cute poses.
The Bunny Fantasy part 2

Talking about furniture, check the last days of The Alchemy where you can pick this sexy bed from La Rosa Negra. You won´t be disappointed! It includes tons of very naughty poses for you to play around 🙂

So have fun and be naughty! 😛


Skin- –Glam Affair – Luna skin – Asia – Simply Girl – A
Eyes-#SURUKI_Nico Eye 1 @ Hentai Fair 2016
Hair- +Spellbound+ Melona // Chapter I : Earth @ Hentai Fair 2016
Mouth-Handcuffs (Wear Mouth) Pink From Una@ Hentai Fair 2016
Tattoo- #SURUKI_Face tattoo(Hentai) @ Hentai Fair 2016
Lingerie- -{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Mizu+Suit [MaitBeta] RARE 3 Hentai Fair 2016
Feet- { V I N C U E } & Kibitz- Mizu+Leg [MaitBeta] Snow @ Hentai Fair 2016
Leg Strap-.:Pulse:.The  Kinky Leg Strap – Dildo – White / COMMON @ Objets D’amour
Pic 1 :
Bed- [Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Bed(W)/21pose -RARE-
Pic 2:
Outfit-*MSS* Fallen Angel Drape White @ On9
Stockholm&Lima:The Bunny Hood (Pink) @ Objets D’amour
Manicure- -{ZOZ}- Romance Solid (Maitreya) @The Cosmopolitan Event
Pose:exe.cute – Callmemaybe @ Objets D’amour
Bed- La Rosa Negra – 7 Sins Gray Bed @The Alchemy
Drawer-[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Drawer(G)/5pose
The Horror!~Amore Collection // Books N Stuff (Dark) @ Objets D’amour




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