A word of love

Hi all!

Its very hard for me to write these words but i feel hope is lost. During my absence some events take place and my avatar was blocked by LL.

I tried to get it back but i’m afraid that Vanda Maertens is lost forever and so my 50 k inventory since 2007.

I lost all. And starting from scratch is not as easy as it looks, as the emotions of impotence overwhelm me. I spent hundreds of my rl money in SL, hours gathering, hunting, buying and packing stuff and all is lost. Forever.

The sense of lost is huge. I created a new avatar- EloenMaerdrym Resident.

Not sure if i will get back to blogging since i need t buy all again.All mesh bodies, eyes, ears,nails… Still debating it.

A huge thank you to all my friends, designers that supported me, event managers.. That i wasn´t able to reply as my account was blocked from day to night.I feel so bad to have left without a warning.

I would love to hear from you on this matter, my dear readers. Should i return from the ashes?

IM my new av, make your comment here or just vote.

Your opinion will make me decide!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ron says:

    wow why would they block your avatar? well I vote for you. loved your blog.


  2. DracoTime says:

    If you come back get a hold of me if you’d like to blog for me still. I’m more than happy to offer you anything in the shop to get you back together again, honey. I’m so sorry to hear about this.


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