Inside the monster

“The sea is everything. It covers seven-tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and life-giving. It is an immense desert place where man is never lonely, for he senses the weaving of Creation on every hand. It is the physical embodiment of a supernatural existence… For the sea is itself nothing but love and emotion. It is the Living Infinite, as one of your poets has said. Nature manifests herself in it, with her three kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, and animal. The ocean is the vast reservoir of Nature.”
Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the SeaInside the monster

Hi all!!

 A Tattered Page is running this month with many sea themed item because its all about 20000 Leagues Under The Sea! the quote above is one that i particularly like and in the spirit of a sea “reservoir of Nature” I’ve created my own reservoir where i collected my treasures of this event! So enjoy the tour! 🙂

Inside the monster 2

First let me say that i’m madly in love with  ::: Masoom ::: releases for Fashion for Life 2015!

This event is running until 29th March so you still have time to check ::: Masoom :::  sponsor booth for this lovely release! The Elegant Spring Blue Ice includes gown appliers and the lovely flexi skirt gives an ethereal look to this stunning dress!

My lovely and flawless skin is a Skin Fair 2015 release from AKERUKA and if you haven’t discovered this brand, take a look and grab a DEMO! You will find perfect shades and a huge range of tones!
Inside the monster CollageMenswear Fashion Week 2015 opens tomorrow and although i normally do not wear men’s clothes i still managed to steal his jewelry! 🙂 Check out the sexy necklace from Moondance Boutique that includes a color change HUD for gems and metals!You can always visit the event with your bo or just grab him a gift! I’m sure he will love it! 🙂

Have fun!!


Skin-AK Skin Emmanuelle Base – Tone3 Mk00 at Skin Fair 2015
Eye shadow-elymode: Spring Mix 2015 – green aqua at Skin Fair 2015
Manicure and Pedicure- Weaponized Sugar Glitter Jelly Nails
Horn- Atomic Faery Sea Unicorn Horn at  A Tattered Page
Hair-~Tableau Vivant~ Calliope – Blonds  at We Love Role-Play
Necklace- Moondance Boutique Constantine Mens Necklace *Preview* Menswear Fashion Week 2015
Gown-MASOOM: Elegant Spring Blue Ice at Fashion for Life 2015
Heels- Glamistry –HYACINTH Heels [PF1004]
Slink Hands and Feet
[Black Tulip] Death at sea at  A Tattered Page
 FGinc.~ 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Perfect Mate framed at  A Tattered Page
FGinc.~ 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, Voyages Extraordinaires at  A Tattered Page
FGinc.~ Closed Book with page: 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea at  A Tattered Page
[noctis] Nautilus ceiling lamp/ocean long at  A Tattered Page
AB Captain Nemo Hat  at  A Tattered Page
[noctis] Nautilus Sofa Ocean pillows at  A Tattered Page
{RW} Sea Escapes Aquarium  at  A Tattered Page
//elephante pose// Under The Sea

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