The kraken

Hi all!

A Tattered Page presents Jules Verne´s 20000 Leagues Under The Sea.Until the end of March there’s some amazing creations to pick all themed and amazing!

So I’ve read 20000 Leagues Under The Sea and one of the things i don’t like is that there are no women in it! Oh, the lil girl doesn’t count! 🙂 I know that Jules Verne’s times were different but never the less we can swim, sail or even be a sea monster! :)So here’s my sea monster version for you, Captain Nemo! 🙂

The kraken ” Oh captain, my captain!  will destroy your ship! I will sink you to the deepest sea along with all your maps and treasures!

You don´t believe i exist but here i am..Hidden in the spoils of a lost battle! As the sea is my friend, my companion and my doom!The kraken Collage Return to the dry land my captain and i will let you survive to tell the story of your sea monster! ”

The kraken 2Have fun!!!


Skin-[PS] ::Solii:: Nude in (J) Onyx at Skin Fair 2015
Eyes-OtherSkin Satura Black Olive Eyes at Skin Fair 2015
Eyes shadow- ZC – Della Eyeshadow – Ocean 01 at Skin Fair 2015
Hair-~Tableau Vivant~ Healy – Blonds I at The Arcade
Lashes- -Glam Affair – Starlett Lashes Emerald
Earrings- Luminary Narwhal Earrings  at A Tattered Page
Pearl Necklace- Anachron – Chaplet of Pearls Necklace – Yellow & Gold  at A Tattered Page
Necklace- :*:CPD:*: Meleagrina Octopoda Necklace  at A Tattered Page
Bra- !dM StarfishPasties **MINT BREEZE**
Tentacles- PFC~Cecaelia Tentacles
Jacket- :[Beautitude]: Kolby Jacket [Turquoise] at Olala event
Slink Hands and Feet
{Rook} The Depths at A Tattered Page
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Nemos Lamp paco pooley
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Nemos Deep Sea Helmet (Decorative)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Sea Chart
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Nemos Sea Box
BP – Prized Pearl – Stand
BP – Ned’s Harpoon
[UN] Ned’s Cachalot



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