I had a dream

One night it all started..

I saw myself laying there.. On the horizon, the ruins of my city.. The ruins of my people.

I know they are coming, They will bring us pain and death, my death maybe…

All is blurry when i wake up, but in the back of my mind i feel the countdown..
I had a dream_001 My mind goes every night to that moment, when i look at the unknown in the eyes..

No masks allowed and empty handed…

Will THEY see we are worth living too?

And then i wake up… I had a dream_002 A Tattered Page opens tomorrow, based on Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles! And this round has some newness: there’s a Tattered Page Library, where you can grab all these amazing creations!

Next a close and credits are in the end!

I had a dream Collage



Skin– !Curvalicious Succubus Sloth (Face Scales) Skin
Hair-little bones. Alien
Face Tattoo- :*:CPD:*: Faces on Mars Eye Tattoo Layer *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Eyes- :*:CPD:*: Martian Eyes *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Mask colored- :*:CPD:*: Faces on Mars Mask (Platina Frown) *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Mask silver- {RW} Moody Martian Mask [Jovial] (on pic 2)/Neutral (on pic 1) *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Pauldrons- Peregrine Pauldron – Silver by Luminary *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Dress- AB Rocket Summer Dress Silver *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Manicure and Pedicure- -{ZOZ}- Natural Black Tip Polish (slink) at Suicide Dollz
Bowl- @->~ISD Martian Fire Flower in Bowl ~ Polar White *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Flower- @->~ISD Martian Fire Flower ~ Polar White *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page
Poses: [Black Tulip] Poses – What was left of her *PREVIEW* A Tattered Page

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