Dear Diary

November 7th,1817

Today was a bad day.

I only found relief in the darkness of my cell. 

All mirrors were broken a long time ago.. I don’t recognize the face in those mirrors…

My body rejects my soul.. I feel a painful torment inside of me, trying to slip through the stitches of my wounds…

It never ends. The suffering only gets bigger. The rotten smell only grows more intense. And only get colder and colder…


Dear DiaryYour letter is there..I’ve read it so many times i know all its lines…

” My love… I know you are not her anymore…So i must leave you as i cannot bare to destroy you! Your face… I just can´t! Please forgive me! I will face my demon and die in peace.. I shall meet you in Heaven soon…..”
But there’s no Heaven for me.. Only the shadow of the days passing by..”Dear Diary 1 Collage

I despair but my eyes remain dry and cold… 

What is this THING I’ve became?! 

I look outside the cell and the sun is setting…Another day is coming to an end… And the nightmare starts at night!!!

My hands are failing me.. God, don´t let it take over me! I can´t resist………………IT……( the text ends abruptly)

Dear Diary 2 Collage

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Skin-CADAVER female +FGInc.+ Creature SB at Fallen Gods Inc.
Hair- ~Pale Empress~ Justine . Hair
Stitches- Corvus : Body Stitches
Eyes- @->~ISD Secrets of Nature Dead Eyes ~ Aether
Necklace-HoR Find Forever Gone locket (closed)
Ring One- Bliensen + MaiTai – Wedding-Night – Ring – red/black/bone
Ring Two- *Atomic Faery* Miniature Portrait Ring [Left]
Dress White- ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~Elizabeth
Dress Black- Greymoon_Lost Innocence
Slink Hands and Feet
Cell Prop- [Black Tulip] A Prison for your Mind
Book- Libertine~ Closed Book: Frankenstein, A Modern Prometheus
Mask- @->~ISD Secrets of Nature Masque ~ Aether [Double Leaf]
Old Book Pile 1 at MP
ISON – books and skulls

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