Love Bird

“You used to call me your lovebird

But the time went on

The wind has blown and I have grown

And I started a feeling

That my wings had been broken”

Leona Lewis – Love Birds

Love birds 3 Hi all!

Today i have so much awesomeness to show you!!

Totally Top Shelf starts tomorrow with a round filled with amazing creations!

This round is themed LONDON CALLING and has all to be one of the best rounds ever!!

To start this amazing bird mask from [SWaGGa]. You will have matching top hats available too for a more scarier look!

As the Halloween aproaches this event its a great opportunity to grab some great deals for this holiday season!

Because i wanted to sweeten this post i picked this gorgeous nail polish from [Fetch] for The Candy Fair 2014,

The chocolate dipping texture has a very cool glittery look and i love it! ❤
Love birds nails My sexy tunic its from Les Encantades for this round of The Fantasy Room that is a few hours again to start!

Comes with all mesh sizes plus fitted mesh (that i’m wearing) and belt is included!

There’s several colors to pick, all  with soft tones and beautifully textured!

A must have for your role-play wardrobe!

Love birds


Skin- [ MUDSKIN ]_Fairy2(teeth)
Hair- little bones. Kills no.2 for The Chapter Four
Bird Mask- [SWaGGa] St. Paul Mask *Preview* for Totally Top Shelf
Tunic- *LE* Harmony Rose *Preview* for The Fantasy Room
Socks- -DRD- Fairy pinkset- socks at The Gathering
Wings- DRD fairywings monotome at The Gathering
Manicure-  [Fetch] Candy Nail Appliers for The Candy Fair 2014
Slink Hands
Butterfly cage-  -= Sweet Lies Designs =- Butterflies Cage with Hold Animation


*IO* Ivy Gazebo
Kei’s Love Bird Cuddle Table from Kei-Spot
junk. birdcage shelves.





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