The woodcutter’s wife

“Legend tells of a woodcutter who built a shack deep within the pine forest. There, he hoped to live in peace with his family.”

woodcutter's wife_002I hope Monday is treating you all right! 😉

As a new week begins i visited the medieval country side.. that or too much “Outlander”episodes! 😛

I really want to show you this amazing cottage from Frogstar for this round of WE  RP

I really love the outsides with the piles of wood! It’s so realistic and well made!

woodcutter's wife_001


The woodcutter cottage its only 150L, during this event and uses mesh materials with only 11LI!!

Let me show you inside:

woodcutter's wife_004A spaced division with lots of natural light!

I hope you all enjoyed me humble home! And you are free to visit whenever you are in town! 🙂



Skin- -Glam Affair – Skye – Jamaica 02 B- at The Arcade
Hair- little bones.  Glass Leaf
Dress- .Luminary. Victoria – Red at WE  RP
Backpack- [Ginger Line] Logs Carrier
Slink Hands and Feet



Cottage- Frogstar – Woodcutter’s Cottage at WE  RP

Inside the house:

  1. Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Bed (past arcade item)
  2. {RW} Simple Life Basin Bath
  3. Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Side Board (past arcade item)
  4. Zigana . rag rug . cajun at The Arcade


  1. STARMARK CREATIONS – wood chopping block with axe (bark 3) at MP
  2. +Half-Deer+Kerfluffle Sheep – Artist
  3. ** Xeolots ** Autumn Cleaning-FREE at MP
  4. {vespertine} rocking chair/wood at The Arcade





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