The reading

“Have seat,Dear Sir… Let me show you your Fortune!”

the reading_009“That’s right, a simple coin and all your questions will be answered!

I’m never wrong!”

the reading_001

“I see a great achievement in the future…

Ah, see the chariot card? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Don´t  hesitate and follow your instincts!”the reading_011You want to know if you will meet your soul mate?Ah… L’amour… Love will find you when you least expect! And it will be very soon! Be patient and you shall be rewarded!”

Hello all! The Countdown Room just started and this round is awesome!

The amazing hat and staff i’m wearing its from [BP] and my sexy-as-hell top its from Whatz!

Boob alert there!! 🙂

If you like fans , this pretty one i used on the last picture it’s from Teritrope and its available is several shades!

And check this lovely skin from !Curvalicious! It’s so stunning!! I love it!!  ❤

Now, some close ups:

the reading Collage

I know i showed them before but this nails from -{ZOZ}- to District 5 – In their Scene section area, are so awesome and magical that every gypsy will need those!! 🙂

The lovely necklace its a treat from ~Tantalum~ for Totally Top Shelf as well as all the decor!

Kei created this amazingly detailed tarot stand and i was dying to use it! :)Includes the machine as well.

To complete the setting, NAMINOKE’s cute tarot table ( it really tell your  cards, if you touch it  and then you can google the meaning- neat right? 🙂 ) and  {Nerdology} tarot card stand, where you can a pick a card for every day!

Skin- !Curvalicious Shada Latte for The Countdown Room
Top- Upper part of the Whatz Rikke gold & red outfit for The Countdown Room
Corset- {RW} Briarthorn Corset – Black & Gold
Skirt- *{Junbug}* Flowing Skirt [Earth] XS for Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hair– little bones. Pirate Wench brown for Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Necklace-~Tantalum~ Tarot Necklace  for Totally Top Shelf
Manicure and Pedicure- -{ZOZ}- Painted Sky Polish preview for District 5 – In their Scene section
Hat- [BP] Drunken Hat for The Countdown Room
Staff- [BP] Nature’s Call for The Countdown Room
Belt- Nomine Gypsy Belt Worn Leather
Fan- [Teri] Mirror Mirror in my Hand.. *Champagne* for The Countdown Room
Armbands- . aisling . Tortuga Princess Armband for Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Slink Hands and Feet
Kei’s Fortune Teller Machine
Kei’s Rustic Tarot Stand
{N} Daily Tarot Card




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