In your room

“In your room
Where time stands still
Or moves at your will
Will you let the morning come soon
Or will you leave me lying here”

In Your Room- Depeche Mode

in your room_001Hi all!

So [Fetch] creator, the amazing Miss Gretchen 🙂 is trying to make me a furniture horder 🙂 And with much success i must say!! 😛

Each design she makes it’s so well detailed and amazing that i just need to show them to you!

in your room_008


Tiffany Set is a trilogy of vanity set, chair and rug with a marvelous blueish tone and so richly detailed that will fit like a glove in your room 🙂

It will available tomorrow-1st August- for The Challenge event, themed Vintage and will be marked 150L until the end of the month, at  [Fetch] Mainstore!

in your room_009

And because i’m collecting shoes as i collect furniture- in giant quantities 🙂 – i wanted to give a lil sneak preview of lassitude & ennui newness for the next Fit for a princess Event that starts tomorrow too and goes until the 27th August.After the event  they will be available at the Mainstore!

The Brocade slippers will fit your flat Slink feet and are just adorable!! They come in so many colors and will cost 240L each or just 840L for the fatpack!

A must have of this event! 🙂

in your room_006

I really like the fierce look of the new : ZcZ :.  Chloe Nail polish, and ladies when Rors releases nails you  beat you will something for your taste, case they all look gorgeous and unusual!

They match my classy dress from [Fetch] ! Yeah, she does amazing dresses too as furniture! 😉

And speaking of amazing check out ~*Souzou Eien*~  detailed necklace i’m wearing!Its part of the Thorned Embrace set and it’s just perfect for a classy look!

in your room_005I won’t leave without a whispering a lil secret from the ALOHA FAIR 2014 where .::WoW Skins::. set a lil gift for you! This lovely skin comes with appliers and it’s just gorgeous and sexy for this Summer!

So with all this just spend some lindens around! 🙂


Skin- .::WoW Skins::.Didy Milk Natural at ALOHA FAIR 2014
Eyelashes- [ glow ] studio Avantgarde. eyelashes – sylvialicious
Eyeshadow-*League* Classic Wing EyeLiner 3 Tattoo
Hair-.:EMO-tions:. * MEDUSA *
Manicure-  : ZcZ :.  Athena Bold Manicure – SLink
Necklace- ~*Souzou Eien*~ Thorned Embrace Necklace
Dress- [Fetch] Regal Gown (black/gray)
Sandals- lassitude & ennui Brocade slippers Fit for a princess (worn in black  and decored the floor in all colors)
Slink Hands and Feet
Furniture- [Fetch]  Tiffany Set for The Challenge: Vintage





Pink Fish in a Little Pond

“You might be a big fish in a little pond
Doesn’t mean you’ve won
‘Cause along may come a bigger one”

Coldplay – Lost 

fish in a pink pond_008

When i saw the updated Storm Child of Proteus by  ~*Souzou Eien*~ i knew i had to do another mermaid post 🙂

But case i didn’t want to go all “traditional tails and scales” again i played a lil 🙂

Hope you guys like it!!!

So Storm Child of Proteus its an amazing headpiece with cute lil tentacles a a head fin that you can color customize at your will (by HUD).

I selected pinkish to match Masoom ‘s release for the Ahola Fair Event.

This sexy lil dress can be worn on your RP times for Gor or, as me, to a lil cute mermaid outfit, as the pattern remind me of sea waves 🙂 Well, pink sea waves! hehe 🙂

The side part its a must for every sassy girl in SL!! ❤

fish in a pink pond_006 I specially like how it matches my ::Bite&Claw:: Body Scales, here tainted in pink:)

And as a mermaid needs the very best to accessorize, here’s a lil preview from what : ZcZ :. will offer for the Gimmie Gimmie Gacha Event!:), now available at : ZcZ :. at a gacha machine !!

You can collect all rings to make your own personalized message 🙂

Here’s mine:

fish in a pink pond_004

Ain’t that original? 😛

The cute nails polish is called Athena and its part of a HUGE release from  : ZcZ :. and you can find it at her Mainstore, now! 🙂

Each pack has toe and nail polish for your Slink hands and totally affordable!

I will be showing some more in future posts, so follow my blog, if you haven’t yet:)

It’s just a simple click and i will love you forever,and ever and ever  ❤

fish in a pink pond_003

And has a last note, Elikatira is celebrating her 9th SL Bday with a 99L SALE!!! ❤

So you can find this hair style and more for sale until the 22nd August!!So that is a celebration you can´t miss!! 🙂

Skin- .::WoW Skins::.Chanel Milk CL
Eyelashes- Clemmm – Dark Chic Circus Lashes
Lips- MONS / Makeups – Lipstick Glamorous – candy
Eyeshadow- .:Glamorize:. Jaded Black Eye Makeup
Hair:[e] Richelle at Elikatira 99L sale
Manicure-  : ZcZ :.  Athena Bold Manicure – SLink
Headpiece- [Keystone]  Vestella – [Pinky]
Headfin- ~*Souzou Eien*~ Storm Child of Proteus Headfin and tentas
Skin Scales- ::B&C::  Tintable Body Scales
Dress-Masoom I heart you Dress for the Ahola Fair Event
Rings- : ZcZ :.Alpha Ring- Gacha at Mainstore
Jewelry Arms-. a i s l i n g .  Eunice – set Gold arms and bracelets
Chain-*May’s Soul* majestic chain gold
Slink Hands and Feet

Is the desert my FATE?

“On the first part of the journey
I was looking at all the life
There were plants and birds and rocks and things
There was sand and hills and rings
The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz
And the sky with no clouds
The heat was hot and the ground was dry
But the air was full of sound”

the desert_001

“I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain”

A Horse With No Name by America, here with a lil breaking bad at the mix 🙂 the desert_005

So FATEplay is celebrating the first anniversary!!! 🙂

WOOOT, congrats!!!

And Damien made a lil competion so you can win ALL future FATEplay release for the next year!

Check here to see how to participate and share your pics!!! It may be YOU the winner!!

The Desert Ok, so my Willow lost her gear and depends only on her instincts to survive right now!

But as a true fashionista of the Wasteland she always has the best look!

” A girl can be in the middle of  a nuclear holocaust but at least she has style!!! She says  😛

So as a beauty tip Willow suggests a trip to the L’amitie Summer Market to grab this amazing TRUTH hair style!

And you will be ready to face every challenge in your way! 🙂

the desert_003

Skin- .Birdy. Brooke skin ~Pure~ (Sunshine) VIP gift ❤
Eyelashes- Clemmm – Dark Chic Circus Lashes
Hair– TRUTH HAIR Lala –  blondes  at
Earring-[Fetch] Sigrun Earring – right
Outfit- FATEplay – Willow – Light
Eye Patch-[The Forge]  Bandage Patch
Manicure and Pedicure–{ZOZ}- Shimmer Summer Polish at Designer Circle
Boots-  ISON  avery strap boots

Gloves- Izzie’s– Fingerless Leather Gloves(Slink applier)

The Black Horse

the black horse 5As the month runs to its end, some SL events are in their last days..

This round of The Secret Affair had so many goodies that it was hard to pick which one to show. Make sure to go there before the round ends!

I couldn’t pass this round without blogging Pixicat’s amazing creations.

Every release i find myself being stunned with her talent! ❤

The mesh work it’s just awesome and if you want a different look, grab these dress and platforms! 🙂

the black horse 2

And specking of awesomeness, ~*Souzou Eien*~ just updated some of his earlier designs and the Thorned Embrace Jewelry Set is one of his releases.

It’s 100% original mesh, comes with a color and metal change HUD and it’s just gorgeous!

And if you bought the older version you will get an update! How amazing is that, uh?:)

I’m showing the earrings here with the climbing ear jewelry, I changed the color to black metal and voilà, perfect for my “darker” look!

the black horse 4


Skin- Glam Affair – Roza – Old arcade gacha but now in store

Lashes- Old group gift from Glow Studio

Dress- -Pixicat- Royal.Dress (White) at The Secret Affair 

Hair-*~*Damselfly*~*Katalynn(Sml/Med)Mesh Dk Reds Flower 2 at The Gacha Mania

Wreath- ieQED at The Secret Affair 

Earrings- ~*Souzou Eien*~ Thorned Embrace Climbing Earring and Climbing Ear Jewelry

Nose Ring- MONS  – Septum Ring (style6) black

Platforms- -Pixicat- Royal.Shoe (white) The Secret Affair 

Manicure and Pedicure-{-{ZOZ}- Shimmer Romance Polish for The  Designer Circle

Horns- :[P]:-Vynn Horns:// Wasp

Hand and Feet Paint- titzuki : Demon hands&feet paint

Hand Armor-.:EMO-tions.. *BELLONA* silver/black finger armor

Mask (on first pic)- LUAS Hamlet Mask at The Secret Affair 

Slink Hands and Feet

Il Dolce Far Niente

Today i visited an amazing cute RP sim called Morheim, its a great place with stunning buildings and gardens and it’s an italian RPG.

You can find more about this place here and here and help the citizen’s to rebel against Ezechiell, their human leader,that enslaved all races.

Liudmille was very kind to fill me in some of their History!And even though my italian is limited, i felt so very welcomed that i loved it and will return for sure! 🙂 tysm ❤

So make sure you visit Morheim!

dolce far niente1

For today’s shopping list from 30L saturday you can find this amazing dress from ::Bite&Claw::, i picked in rose but there’s several colors available for only 30L!

I really like how it floats around and let’s you show off your feet! 🙂

dolce far niente 2

And you want to see the feet case aru. is taking part of tomorrow’s Lazy Sundays with the A sandals! These gorgeous flat sandals in suede will be sold for only 75L, and only tomorrow!!They are just awesome for our slink feet:)

dolce far niente Collage

And last but not least, Hair Fair is on the last days but there’s still time to grab some goodies like CHRISTINE. This stunning hair from [LeLutka] its perfect for RP!!
And while you grab this amazing freebie cage from Ohmai and make some donations or buy hair!
Remember that every purchase donates a minimum of 15% of the price and its for a good cause!! 🙂
dolce far niente 4


Skin- Glam Affair – Cassia – Pink Rose – Artic B
Hair- [LeLutka]-CHRISTINE hair S – Lion at Hair Fair here
Dress- ::B&C:: Adrienne Gown – Rose
Necklace- .Tokame. Heart in a Cage (Amita Rose)
Ring- {Imeka} Rose Ring
Manicure and Pedicure-{-{ZOZ}- Shimmer Romance Polish for The  Designer Circle
Sandals- aru. A sandal (Suede) fro Lazy Sundays
Slink Hands and Feet
Lamb- Alchemy – Dreams – Spirit Fawn Familiar – RARE at The Secret Affair 
Bird Cage-  !Ohmai: HF2014 Tweeter Companions at Hair Fair here


Hot Bones

Hi all!

If you like limited items events, Project Limited must be one of your favorite events:)

And Masoom is part of it with a sexy corset called Too hot for you 🙂

Hot Bones 2

These limited editions items are never to be sold again after the event! And there’s only 100 of each color to pick!!

Get them while you can as of July 30th they are gone forever!!
Item Price: 200L Each

So its a real bargain for just an exclusive item!!

Comes with appliers!:)

Go to Masoom Mainstore to grab the event LM 😉

Hot Bones 3

Another great event just started and i run there to grab some awesome shoes from Pure Poison!

Check out the MIXMATCH event! You buy one item at that event and in the creators mainstore you get a limited item for 50% less!! YAY 😛

Hot Bones

Skin–Glam Affair – Gemma – Europa 11 B
Hair–  little bones. West Coast
Dress- Masoom Too hot for you Top (Project Limited)
Shorts-*{Junbug}* Rosamarie Frilly Knickers [Ink] at The Secret Affair
Earrings- Pure Poison – Vintage Baroque Earrings
Headpiece and hips-::TI:: Nature Skeletor Set (horns and hips)
Pumps- Pure Poison – Golden Queen Sandals for SLINK
Slink Hands and Feet

Mint Dream

“So long ago
Was it in a dream, was it just a dream?
I know, yes I know
Seemed so very real, it seemed so real to me”

Dream by John Lennon

mint dream


This year’s Hair Fair, as always, shows the touching generourity of our SL creators.

Exile has a dollarbie hair that reverts to help Wigs for Kids and you get an amazing rainbow hair! ❤

And i promise, once you wear it you won’t take it off 🙂

mint dream 6

So with my new amazing hair and went to Overhigh 50L SALE! I discovered this mint dress and sheer bottom and i felt in a mint love ❤

It’s so gorgeous and you can give it a fantasy look with some accessories 🙂

mint dream 8

So i asked the mirror:

” Mirror,Mirror, on the wall

Ain’t I the most minty princess of them all?:) ”


Skin- :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ Celestial ] – [ Angel fairy TDRF] at TDR70L
Eyeshadow- MONS / Makeups – eyeshadow dasha pink&lime
Hair– Exile::After the Rain Sparkle- Blonde at Hair Fair1L
Horns- Goth1c0: Bamophet horns – lime
Dress- Overhigh Elle Dress – Aqua- 50L sale!
Epaulets and Eyepatch- Alchemy – Dreams- Mint  Gacha at The Secret Affair (100L per play)
Manicure and Pedicure–{ZOZ}- Shimmer Summer Polish at Designer Circle
Pumps- [tea.s] Adore Heels v1 – Mint
Goat- +H-Dr+ Itty-Bitty Pygmy Goat – Minty (Shoulder) Gacha at The Seasons Story
Slink Hands and Feet