Sunday Deals

Today, when i arrived at SL, i grabbed the 35L Sunday List.

Every Sunday, i check all items and see if they fit my style.. Normally its more focused in furniture and plants and gorean than in mainstream medieval…

BUT… Today I found a great DEAL at Tasty Pudding, Clarice Camisk that comes with Color HUD and can fit almost all RP flavors. from gor to medieval..

It’s only 35$L today so its a great opportunity!!

So with that said here’s some Pics:


Preparing for Battle- Begguiners Manual:

First, find your sword. It must strong but easy to handle.



Then a good horse. You will want a fast and strong one


Third, you will need your straight. So, have a good mean and enjoy your last feast before the battle.



Then its time to leave for battle.

Don´t look back. You WILL return home.



Hair: Exile::London Arcade  Item
Outfit: Clarice Camisk by Tasty Pudding– 35L Sundays Item
Skin-.::WoW Skins::. GG JUNE 2014 Poison TAN- Amazing GROUP GIFT!!
Armor and Shield from Sweet Poison
Sandals-Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals – Gold
Leg Dagger- [The Forge] Leg Dagger, Female, Brown
Slink Fingernails and flat Feet




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