The Sweetest Saturday

Hi all!

This week started so many events that is hard to keep up!

I’m trying to spend my lindens in all i love but they seam sparse for all the amazing items out there!The lindens, i mean! 🙂

Today i’m showing [Fetch]‘s item for this months round of Co-Op. The theme this month is “Mushroom Kingdom” and you will find tons of cuteness all around!

They are called [Fetch] Mush Earrings and they are just perfect for a weekend look.

Event starts today, so make sure you go—->TP here



In true,this cute red mushroom earrings where the inspiration of all my outfit today!

When i saw them i fall in love immediately but wondered how to wear them in a more RP way…

And…BA-MM! For me, mushrooms rimes with sugar! 🙂

So i grabbed this sweet sweet eyepatch (RARE) and Top Hat from RO at the Arcade and their were the perfect match for my earrings! YAY 🙂

For a more medieval look i grabbed this amazing dress from Peqe which has such an cute color and my *SSK* Pants from a complete outfit and i was ready!

To complete the look i girl can´t go to fairy land without her wings!! 🙂


After that, some jewelry and pauldrons to spice it up and i’m ready for some RP action!



Arcade  Items:
RO – SugarRush – Honey
RO – SugarRush – Lollipop Eyepatch RARE
-Glam Affair- Liv skin- Asia – 01
Hair: [e] Control
Dress: Peqe – Open Gown (S)Pink
Pants: Part of the *SSK* The Wanderer Outfit silver
Earrings  by [Fetch]
Necklace: [LH] Sheridan Necklace – First Lady – Rose
Shoulders: Luas Inferno Fur Shoulders Grana
Wings: ::Una:: Fairy Wings Pink
Gloves: .Shi : Fingerless Glove [UNISEX] SET 3

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